Why we need CSM? Top 5 Reasons


Have you ever considered going beyond the normal customer service solutions and improve IT service operations? Indeed, Customer Service Management (CSM) is critical for any business. A fantastic or less-than-great experience can have a significant impact on your organization, which is why it is critical to thoroughly understand the benefits.

At ABIT Puresoft, we’ve developed the competence to improve service operations and engage customers through integrated digital processes that will solve customer problems by linking customer service with other teams across the organization to resolve issues swiftly and proactively. By combining the front, middle, and back offices, our customers who implemented Customer Service Management (CSM) have gone above and beyond standard customer service.

The practical knowledge and ServiceNow platform expertise of ABIT Puresoft can help you automate recurrent requests and automatically route tasks to the appropriate group, resulting in faster resolutions. But firstly, make sure your team understands what Customer Service Management is and assess together the added value that it would bring for your business.

So, what is Customer Service Management?

Customer Service Management (CSM) is a set of workflows and systems that effectively manage and track all interactions with a company’s customers. The purpose of CSM is to manage the customer experience (CX) holistically, regardless of the engagement channel or type of interaction.

Having a CSM solution implemented is essential, because it heavily influences whether a company can satisfy its clients to the point where they remain loyal and refer new business. People frequently expect efficient, consistent service across several channels, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Because businesses can’t keep expanding their customer support departments indefinitely, a Forrester Study stated in a 2018 study that they’ll have to rely on CSM. 

However, other than facts and figures, what are the specific advantages of Customer Service Management (CSM)?



1. Improve customer service and retention

One of the important features of CSM is that it improves customer relationships. A customer service management system (CSM) keeps track of all your business contacts and retains vital information about them across all channels, such as demographics, purchase history, and past communications. One of ABIT Puresoft’s healthcare and telecommunications customer has experienced remarkable improvements in managing employee-end-customer relationships, with faster resolution timeframes and solid business forecasting.

Furthermore, a system like this makes it simple for everyone in your organization to access this data. Every interaction between a member of your company’s team and a customer is a chance to improve customer satisfaction.

Customer loyalty is built on excellent customer service. Customer turnover is detrimental and can affect everything from revenue to brand reputation. CSM can help businesses enhance customer service and increase customer loyalty.

2. Higher productivity and employee satisfaction

Your company can free up employees by transferring more routine menial jobs to CSM. Employees can then devote their efforts to more human-centred tasks and developing client relationships. It also ensures that jobs are done and don’t get lost in the shuffle. Dashboards for your business processes and workflows are available from Customer Service Management. You’ll be able to examine where your workflow can be improved by using these tools.


3. Increased profitability

With the help of a CSM solution you can figure out which customers are profitable, and which are not. This insight allows you to deal with each part in the most cost-effective way possible. You will not only be able to cut your costs, but you will also be able to enhance profitability by focusing on your most profitable consumers.

4. Better visibility to address customer issues

Monitor systems and processes or use analytics to swiftly identify problems and affected customers, then keep internal teams and customers informed from identification to resolution with the support of CSM. Additionally, your staff will have real-time access into the health of your customers’ products and services, allowing them to discover problems early and possibly avoid them all together.

As a testimonial, our world top ten university customer has benefited from the upgrade of ServiceNow to CSM, and now the users within all departments have access to a streamlined ticketing processes and workflow. With the use of Knowledge Articles, they can now benefit from time optimization and better visibility for problem solution through the CSM Service Portal.

5. Boost efficiency internally

Tasks will be intelligently routed to the most qualified person, and comparable cases should then be grouped together to speed up the resolution process. CSM will help you unify your team and streamline internal processes. As a result, the burden is reduced, and productivity rises. Therefore, both parties benefit. Employees are more content and well-coordinated, and there is more time to focus on consumers.

ABIT Puresoft has successfully implemented the Customer Service Management Solution from ServiceNow to our customers and the benefits are highlighted in our case studies. Based on our experience, CSM assists firms in a wide range of industries, including high-tech, telecommunications, government, finance, and healthcare. Having a successful CSM in place will assist your organization whether you run a small family business or a large multinational.


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