Why an agile platform is essential to doing business in today’s digital world


An agile platform enables us to quickly convert an unexpected  situation into new tools and answers without a fast and meaningful response. While companies allow challenges to disproportionally disrupt their processes, an agile platform strengthens the company’s resiliency and competency. You can have an integrated system of actions by providing your organization the essential and flexible system. 

Organizations all over the globe already begun to generate workflows for a brighter future. Stability and agility can be achieved through technology, expertise and proactive leadership. Because we discussed the agile methodology in our previous article, this time we talk about agile systems and their importance in today’s digital world.

Agile platforms – speed, efficiency, flexibility

Legacy systems with no integration capabilities pose a threat to an organization’s ability to solve problems. An agile platform like ServiceNow empowers organizations to respond faster and more efficient to various situations. Its flexibility allows the development of incredibly versatile and efficient business applications. One of the digital workflow’s greatest benefits is freeing users from redundant and time-consuming work. They can be quickly applied in any organization and be perfected over time to suit the users exact needs. Having more time to do meaningful work instead of wasting it with inferior workflows leads to better user experience.

Happy customers drive revenue

A poorly designed workflow is basically asking customers to waste their time, which is bad for business. Time is money, as they say. Eventually, customers will move on to a better and easier to use product. Customers choose products based on their ability to offer what others on the market cannot, so creating a unique experience will create a loyal customer base and drive revenue. ServiceNow, a powerful and flexible platform, allows creating digital workflows that make for a better customer experience. Machine learning self-optimizes the process, making predictions and recommendations.

Agility and adaptability protect the business

One way to set your business apart in the digital world is having an integrated platform that enables a quick and efficient workflow digitization, connecting people, systems and data. Agility and adaptability are core business defenses, especially in uncertain times. ServiceNow digitizes and automates cross-business workflows, optimizing processes and mitigating risks. Its solutions can be easily configured to fit every business need.

ABIT Puresoft supports its customers with modern workflows and custom applications on the ServiceNow platform. We provide a wide range of business applications designed to increase productivity and speed up delivery, as well as maintenance and administration.


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