ABIT Puresoft provided a new self-service portal with an improved homepage designed to reflect the updated features of the recent acquisition.

INDUSTRY: Utility and Energy
LOCATION: Globally
SIZE: 500 employees 

self-service portal

Navigation efficiency

Improved Service Portal


Maximize platform performance  

Maintain future upgrade agility

Our customer is a leading provider of services for mobile workforce management, enterprise asset management, meter data management, system integration consulting, and energy, aviation rail and agriculture software solutions.

ABIT Puresoft needed to align all customer requirements and desired outcomes to ServiceNow proven practices, utilizing core functionality wherever possible to maximize platform performance and maintain future upgrade agility.

Due to our team’s in-depth comprehension of the client’s requirements, we were able to help the global utility and energy software provider with the required Self-Service Portal changes and enhancements.
As with any ServiceNow implementation, ABIT Puresoft encountered numerous challenges throughout the development process. Self-Service Portal’s completion before the Go-Live date was our team’s top priority. Main implication for our team was to finish the new Service Portal in the agreed timeline before the Go-Live. Additionally, our team lacked end-to-end system visibility, necessitating task-based work.

The customer now benefits from a re-designed Self-Service Portal, with a more intuitive interface and maximized performance and efficiency.

ABIT Puresoft assisted the customer during and after the Go-Live to quickly resolve any issues reported by users in the production environment in the first days of operation, without the need for formal incident raising, management and reporting.


As with any ServiceNow implementation, valuable lessons were taught during the development process. The most challenging aspect of this project was the portal re-design concept because there is no single solution that can meet everyone’s expectations, and we needed to combine as many capabilities as feasible. Furthermore, the redesigned portal had to be done until the Go-Live.


ServiceNow Self-Service Portal


The customer now benefits from a customized service portal. In the agreed timeline, ABIT Puresoft team delivered a new Self-Service Portal, with an enhanced menu and home page, a case form update, case list and a case detail screens to reflect what they have in the previous Self-Service Portal.