UiPath and ServiceNow integration as a step forward for building automated systems

UiPath and ServiceNow integration

In today’s rapidly evolving technology era, companies are looking to flourish their business by taking the first steps to digitalize their services and processes with the help of intelligent automation processes. Digital transformation aims to increase efficiency, enhance service quality, and lower costs.

Using ServiceNow is a big shift forward in many major multinational organizations’ digital transformation journeys over the last years. Most business service management processes can be streamlined and integrated with a wide range of external applications using the ServiceNow platform. Still, even with the most comprehensive workflow engine and integration solutions, automation and integration can be difficult.

As an experienced digitalization provider, ABIT Puresoft is focused on improving business performance by designing and delivering innovative workflows and technology solutions around UiPath and ServiceNow platforms. Based on customer’s business goals, we bring forth tailored implementations, development and integration solutions that help them build automation and drive digital transformation for their processes.

About UiPath and ServiceNow Integration

RPA (Robotic Process Automation) is a technology focused on Software Robots and AI Workers that can interact with any application’s user interface as if they were human users when working in the background with hundreds or thousands of AI Workers. UiPath is one of the market leaders in RPA technology, and it offers a solid solution for large organizations. A complex workflow can be generated with UiPath Studio using simple visual programming. The solution will define controls and communicate how to achieve improved productivity after analyzing the UI layout of applications or web pages.

Now customers can quickly and easily deploy and manage ServiceNow automations using UiPath’s versatile framework and open architecture, without the need for intrusive implementation or expensive custom integrations. The UiPath Enterprise RPA Platform connects to ServiceNow via ServiceNow’s publicly supported APIs, allowing robots to add, remove, and download attachments, as well as get, update, insert, and delete ServiceNow records. ServiceNow has also developed the ServiceNow IntegrationHub UiPath Spoke, a connector that enables users to start and stop UiPath automations directly from ServiceNow.

Improve business workflows through UiPath and ServiceNow integration

As a certified UiPath partner, ABIT Puresoft has developed several custom integrations and has been involved in automation projects. A relevant project was developing custom integrations robots that linked ServiceNow to Microsoft Azure. The aim of this integration was to create Virtual Machines in Azure based on ServiceNow requests, to reset credentials in Azure or to perform other tasks based on conditions from ServiceNow. These robots have been based on both default and custom actions, the latter being created in C#.

Furthermore, for another customer, our team developed a robot that reads several sets of information from various sources to identify different software versions, compares them to the current version in the client’s database, and if a newer version is found, an update is made to the database, which includes downloading and uploading the new version package.

But the true power of UiPath can be unleashed when several tools are used in the same process, depending on one another, and waiting for input and triggers from each other. Instead of creating several integration processes that are difficult to maintain and debug, UiPath will create an exact replica of the process design and will perform all the required actions, either fully automated and unattended or under strict supervision of specific users, based on the specific needs.

Improve business workflows through UiPath and ServiceNow integration

Integrations RPA

ServiceNow customers can use UiPath Test Manager to simplify their testing environment and easily test and introduce new workflows. The ServiceNow UiPath Test Manager identifies and maps tests to specifications, then acts on the performance.

ServiceNow Agile Development enables organizations to keep track of job items such as bugs, challenges, incident assignments, and stories in a consolidated backlog. It allows to identify and sequence tasks all in one place.

The UiPath Task Manager for ServiceNow has many key features, including these abilities:

  • When software robots crash, use UiPath continuous RPA testing to limit repair, downtime, and risk.
  • Organizations can monitor test results and see if automated experiments are progressing. As results from automated test runs become usable, the UiPath Orchestrator uploads them.
  • Automate ServiceNow test cases with UiPath Studio Pro, allowing organizations to automate ServiceNow test cases directly.
  • Provide detailed test results, including the performance of the executing robots.

So far, UiPath has automated millions of routines, rule-based activities. UiPath is transforming work by improving employee satisfaction, increasing efficiency, and improving customer service through its effort to bring digital-era skills to more than a million people.

All in all, we are all aware that companies all over the world are focusing on providing excellent consumer and employee experiences. Behind any great user experience, there is usually a very well-designed workflow. The bi-directional UiPath and ServiceNow  integration, along with the possibility of integrating any number of tools, allows workers and customers to make choices, solve problems, find solutions, and automate tasks quickly and efficiently, making their work lives simpler, easier, and more convenient.

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