The ServiceNow integrations made it easy to categorize and transmit user tickets to SAP and Azura, eliminating the need for manual efforts to keep backend staff informed of customer issues and priorities.

LOCATION: Globally
SIZE:  24,100 employees 


Helped teams to communicate in real-time

Resolve the employees’ issues faster

Automatically synchronize the legacy platforms

Real-time access to customer issues and priorities

Our multinational customer is a consumer goods corporation. They manufacture, market, and sell cigarettes, cigars, pipe and smokeless tobacco, snus, e-cigarettes, and other tobacco products, as well as logistics services to customers all over the world. Our customer has a long and rich history, as the company was formed in 1901 by the merger of 13 British tobacco and cigarette companies, and they have been global leaders in the production of cigarettes ever since.

As the tobacco industry evolved, our customer, like others in the industry, found itself working from various platforms. It was necessary to combine multiple systems and handle information centrally to provide high-value-added services to clients. They began by implementing the ServiceNow ITSM solution and quickly progressed to integrating SAP and Azure into their ServiceNow instance.

Our customer has discovered that the speed and flexibility of ServiceNow has been a valuable ally for them as they strive to automate their monitoring and maintenance operations. Accurate data about failures and other issues may now be accessed simultaneously in real-time by all parties concerned by utilizing the features of the Now Platform.

The technology they use and the collaboration between cross-functional teams play a big part in creating high-quality products and services in our customer’s workplace. While the systems used have an impact on a team’s productivity, cross-functional communication allows teams to have a thorough understanding of the business requirements.

Best-of-breed systems such as SAP and ServiceNow bring rich functionalities to the ecosystem. We assisted our customer in reducing cooperation barriers between development and customer support teams, which would otherwise result in quality issues, delivery delays, and financial loss, by integrating SAP with ServiceNow.

The SAP integration is one of the most popular integrations in project management software for planning projects, assigning tasks, tracking progress, and releasing outcomes. Through this integration, ABIT Puresoft helped to automate the business operations. With ServiceNow SAP Integration, businesses can easily interact with business sectors, automate workflows, and monitor issues in real time.

All history and current data are available to each user, in their preferred system, with full context, in real-time, thanks to the ABIT Puresoft team and our partner, SCC. Any ‘tickets’ from ServiceNow now synchronize automatically to SAP, along with all entities and details connected with the ‘tickets.’ For this project we have offered support for the customer with our ServiceNow certified professionals, expert project managers, and business analysts.

Alongside the SAP integration, we had to consider the present DevOps ecosystem, because incident and change management is critical to DevOps collaboration. With the help of an Azure integration, our customer can improve event management and overall IT operations management. ServiceNow is the market leader in IT service management, and Azure is being used by an increasing number of businesses, just as our customer requested.

The ServiceNow connection with Azure enables the international corporation to delegate suitable modifications to the IT infrastructure more efficiently and quickly than in the past. Furthermore, through automation, this ecosystem ensures that all day-to-day scheduling conflicts for a change request based on configuration items (CIs) are avoided. We assisted our customer in achieving end-to-end connections across tools with all the integrations to The ServiceNow platform. It also delivers complete data for management reporting, highlighting all insights that will assist development and operations team collaborate more closely.

Many organizations are being driven by digital transformation to adopt deep level integration between disparate complex platforms to achieve business flow organization. The tobacco corporation, as a very large organization, accepted ABIT Puresoft’s offered solution based on its ability to gain greatly from these technologies and align themselves to fulfill the organization’s goal of fast mitigation of complicated changes in the production system.


As we have provided a team of project managers and business analysts for this project, we had to ensure a good flow of communication even though the teams were in different time-zones and facing cross-cultural differences.

Besides, as with any integration project, we had to ensure a very good data management, considering categorization and labeling.

Overall, we had to guarantee that all of the applications were connected and harmonized so that our customer could sync incidents in ServiceNow with issues in SAP or Azure and simultaneously change issue incident status in both platforms.


ServiceNow Integration with SAP and Azure


Our customer can now access the business requirements and accompanying updates from within ServiceNow thanks to the solution proposed by the development team. Furthermore, the two integrations made it easy to categorize and transmit user tickets to SAP and Azura, eliminating the need for manual efforts to keep backend staff informed of customer issues and priorities.