Shaping the future with creative workplaces


“We can create a world that works for everyone or face a future that no longer works for anyone.”  — David Korten

We are all heroes of our journey these days, as we endure the century of changes, from the rise in technological advances, to the fast-paced style of living to the new COVID-19 pandemic. We cannot go back to the way things were, so we are trapped in a liminal space between two spheres: the one that is over and the one that is about to begin. Ironically, because of the complexity of daily life in the developed world, we must all behave as if we know a lot more about the future than we do. At work, we set goals, save for the education of unborn children and future retirements, and fill our calendars with tomorrows, tomorrows, and tomorrows.

However, not only is this a time of great ambiguity, complexity, and misunderstanding, but it is also a fertile ground for creativity. Since there are no roads to the future, we must forge our own. We have a unique opportunity to create a sustainable future and we should start by looking at one of the most meaningful parts of a millennial lifestyle, the workplace.

As we live in the most peaceful times of our human existence, with open-minded managers and engaging society, we need to understand that when we try to pick out anything by itself, we will find it hitched to everything else in the universe. The business world has gained over the last year the competitive nature and companies are looking for innovations that will set them apart from the competition. It is easy to see why workers enjoy organizational innovation. Working in such a setting is more enjoyable and being creative can make you more fulfilled with the work you accomplish.


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Many people see their work as a 9-to-5 routine in a cubicle or office, with weekends as their only respite. We also have pre-determined tasks to complete and believe there is little time for imagination. Working creatively also entails trying new things, which may make certain people nervous. Fear of the unknown, particularly if it implies failure, is a powerful motivator. Businesses claim to be innovative and creative, and most of them are in some way. However, if this were so, businesses would reap even more of the advantages of an innovative workplace.

1. Better Teamwork and Team Building

Employees are inspired to collaborate when they are given the opportunity to be creative. When they have new ideas, they seek input from their colleagues. The creative process is designed to promote teamwork, and this is the most important advantage of providing a space for creative thinking.

The overall commitment of workers is also aided by team bonding. Coworkers, including those who do not work together daily, are more likely to interact. Any company benefits from an improved degree of team comfort.

2. Higher rate of attracting and retaining employees

Companies may recruit more skilled professionals by building an environment that encourages innovative thinking. They are more able to fill vacancies quickly and effectively. Younger employees have a similar impact, as they are more likely to remain on board because of the creative climate. They become satisfied with their work and commit to staying with the company in the long run.

3. Better Problem-Solving Skills

The impact of creativity on the job is unquestionably the most critical element of creativity. Employees who have the potential to think creatively and beyond the box are more likely to come up with new and inventive solutions to problems. This eagerness to solve problems will lead to new approaches to tasks and a more efficient operation.


Regardless of the industry, there are ways to be creative, and a great manager should acknowledge the benefits presented earlier, as this would lead to the long-term development of the business and its success in the competitive environment. Fortunately, it is deeply rooted in ABIT Puresoft’s culture to use creativity as a tool to search and approach work, and here are 3 guidelines for everyone in our company:

1. Always encouraging brainstorming

When a large group of people is trying to come up with a solid idea, the brainstorming process can be delicate and complicated. It is convenient to make snap decisions about an idea in these situations, dismissing it as unsuitable. We promote constructive and additive feedback rather than allowing negativity to stifle development.

2. Diverse Team

To accelerate problem-solving, we incorporate a range of experiences, ideas, and learning styles to create a more innovative workplace. Since different people solve problems in different ways, a diverse team is more likely to produce new ideas.

3. Encourage both individuality and teamwork

It is important that we not only promote teamwork and collaboration, but also that colleagues do not leave their individuality at the door. Many unique ideas originate from a single individual, but they are shaped by a group to become fully developed.

Therefore, waiting for certainty is no longer a luxury available to even the most powerful agencies. Instead, the future will belong to those who act creatively and shape their knowledge into something greater than themselves. Anyone can learn to be creative, but that does not mean it is easy. It takes courage and a lot of practice to discover your creative genius. Working in an atmosphere that encourages you to speak your mind openly and share your most nuanced thoughts, would be a significant step forward in creating a sustainable future for both ourselves and future generations.

AT ABIT Puresoft creativity has played a major role since day one, both when it comes to the business vision and employees. If you want to discover more about the life at ABIT Puresoft and how we encourage everyone to be their most creatives selves, please check our section Life at ABIT. We are looking forward to expanding the creativity within our team with new visions, shaping the best team.


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