Software Asset Management (SAM) is a subcategory of IT Asset Management, which encompasses a broader range of procedures (ITAM). SAM is concerned with software management, whereas ITAM is concerned with the management of an organization's whole IT ecosystem.

ServiceNow’s SAM platform delivers a single system of record for identifying cost-cutting opportunities, eliminating resource duplication, improving compliance, mitigating security concerns, and driving uniformity. SAM is also nested within the larger ServiceNow ecosystem, allowing for optimal integration with other ServiceNow modules.

The objectives of Software Asset Management are:

  • Make the most of your license.
  • Ensure that software licenses are not duplicated.
  • Reduce expenditure on software.
  • Detect any violations of the license agreement
  • Make informed software purchases.
Software Asset Management

Benefits of Software Asset Management

Software Asset Management

Automate IT

Save time by creating custom workflows that are tailored to your company's needs. Remove manual updates from the SAM process to avoid issues.

Streamline operations with one platform

A single-architecture SAM solution can help you streamline and manage your software assets. To provide essential asset data to the company, use automation and digital workflows.

Minimize costs

Locating shadow IT, eliminating overlap, and optimizing licensing utilization can help you save money on software and cloud services.

Reduce license risk

By integrating SAM into the IT change process and acting on unlicensed deployments, you can protect your organization with software license management.

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