Get insight into all the market needs, tools and project portfolio to increase your company's efficiency.

In every progressive business, raising sales, maximizing performance, and reducing costs are at the forefront. The desired results are obtained by clearly established organizational goals, high-powered strategies to achieve them, and implementing the techniques with excellence. 

Project Portfolio Management

ABIT Puresoft’s ServiceNow PPM (Project Portfolio Management) specialists help you conceptualize and reimagine using your objectives and aspirations as our guide. This is an enterprise-wide project portfolio management approach that:

  1. Enhance and stabilize the on-time and on-budget performances dramatically.
  2. Provides confidence to project managers when prioritizing tasks, allocating resources, and monitoring the progress of project implementation metrics.
  3. Rendering important economies of scale around the PMO dashboard.

Benefits of Project Portfolio Management

Anticipate Errors and Misjudgmnets

PPM provides every member of the team with an open dashboard that points out the real-time status of every mission and milestone of implementation. Simply by looking at your deployment dashboard, all you need to know is instantly made available to you 24/7.

Expand the Capacity and Goals

The PPM deployment strategy lets everyone in your company, right from the start, rally around a shared, streamlined vision for PPM. By removing the threat of scope creep and out-of-budget add-ons, you can rest assured that you can reach your launch target.

Long-term Vision and Objectives

PPM offers the tools and expertise for your ServiceNow technical team to support the PPM program over the long term. Your in-house technical staff will be well-positioned to help efficiently and effectively long after your initial implementation.

Are you prepared to think ahead and see how PPM can increase your organization’s goals?

We are looking forward to partner with you to ensure in-depth hands-on PPM experience.