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IT Operations Management (ITOM) represents “all the tools needed to manage the provisioning, capacity, performance, and availability of the computing, networking and application environment”. In other words, ITOM is responsible for the smooth functioning of all IT services that support a business.

Effective ITOM should optimize operational processes through an integrated, service-focused approach that maximizes quality and drives efficiency. ServiceNow ITOM platform is a comprehensive solution that improves the overall quality and efficiency of service delivery for customers and end-users.

IT Operations Management

Benefits of ITOM

Facilitate operations, strategies and use multiple cloud ecosystems while diminishing business threats.
Offer a better view of company’s applications, infrastructure and services to generate precise service maps in dynamic environments.
Provide service health by discovering and solving problems.

Our ITOM Expertise

Our ITOM expertise includes:

  • Orchestrate the provisioning of services and accounts from local to a seamless experience
  • Drive the whole Identity Management process through a ServiceNow orchestration
  • Deliver Global solution to deploy ServiceNow Discovery to assess the impact on change requests, assess threats and vulnerabilities
  • Design and implementation of a tailored solution for virtual machine provisioning from ServiceNow with orchestration workflows
  • Design and development of custom and certified applications

ITOM’s Foundation of Power: CMDB

The core of ITOM is the Configuration Management Database (CMDB), the foundation of the ServiceNow platform. As the fundamental database powering everything from Asset Discovery to Agent Intelligence, you can think about the CMDB as the foundation of ServiceNow’s power.

Despite the importance of a healthy CMDB, we notice so many customers have a CMDB that is marred by issues that prevent it from offering the required organizational value.

Are you ready to discover what ITOM can do for your organization?

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