Achieve more visibility into IT and centralize business demands across your entire organization with IT Business Management

IT Leaders from all over the world encounter the challenge of managing simultaneous technology projects.

The challenge of prioritization, funding and resourcing of the companies’ IT teams extends in all organizations. The ITBM suite offers you the following possibilities:

  • Control and prioritize demands and suggestions
  • Resource projects and understand financial performance
  • Manage the full portfolio of initiatives taking into consideration the cost, effort and results

ABIT Puresoft supports IT leaders achieve more visibility into IT and integrate operational and business demand across the entire organization with the ITBM suite.

IT Business Management

ITBM Crucial Role in Your Digital Business

ServiceNow’s IT Business Management Suite allows organizations to better organize, plan and prioritize their work and align them to the overall business objectives. Every release brings new developments and updates, constantly solving the customers’ goals.

Leverage One Single Platform

Integrated with Operations & Service Management, CSM and HR to manage both operational & strategic work.

Create Real Value by Aligning Initiatives & Attaining Outcomes

Generate the best suited strategy to achieve the organization’s goals

Generate the Best Strategy to Achieve the Organization’s Objectives

Generate the best suited strategy to achieve the organization’s

Full capability to sustain your ITBM initiatives and guarantee maximum value for your organization

Gain visibility, improve project delivery and change the way your teams operate project portfolios by:

  • Centralize demand management
  • Consolidating management tools
  • Connecting development and operations
  • Unifying resource management

Are you ready to discover what ITBM can do for your company?