Generate strategic interconnectivity and vigorous action with customers, workflows, systems and processes.

Transform your Customer Service Management digitally with scalable AI-driven self-service that automates common requests, uses chatbots, and uses a robust knowledge base that is community-centric.

CSM (Customer Support Management) improves your service operations and engages customers with your digital workflows. In other words, it helps you solve business challenges by putting together front, center, and back offices.

Efficient CSM implementation should lead to boosting customer satisfaction and reduce service costs with an out-of-the-box approach in finding the best available solutions.  In this way, you can enable your customers and employees to find simple answers by themselves with easy-to-use and intuitive knowledge experience.

customer service management

Our Customer Service Management Approach

We usually start a Customer Service Management implementation project with a clear understanding of our clients’ systems, workflows and processes. A comprehensive assessment is performed and used to configure and customize the upcoming CSM platform which will be aligned with the client’s strategic business goals.

Afterwards, we follow a complete approach to customer services that combines the internal business processes, customer experience and the technology that facilitates it all.

Business Workflows

ABIT Puresoft will support you in implementing a simplified and transparent internal practice for managing incidents and cases by first discovering the existing ineffective and complex procedures before they are automated. This reduces the need for customizations within the ServiceNow CSM platform.

User Experience

We will make sure your ServiceNow CSM instance is properly implemented and boosting your customer satisfaction through single source experiences. We deliver our services whether you want a simple current state and gap assessment, or a life-changing, collaborative design option.

Platform Implementation

We generate and customize templates needed for an even more complex ServiceNow platform implementation by blending them with customer experience and business workflows optimization services.

Benefits of ServiceNow CSM

Facilitate Customer Service Delivery

A center for contact between all stakeholders of customer service: personnel, partners, clients, prospects, qualified sales and qualified marketing leads.

Allow your customer the power of self-service and access to knowledge

A center for contact between all stakeholders of customer service: personnel, partners, clients, prospects, qualified sales and qualified marketing leads.

Gain a pro-active approach

A workspace, long before the customer acknowledges it, for the constructive resolution of problems. Posibility to detect which elements can influence your provided services nd respond until your customer flags it.

Boost your brand positioning and follow customer engagement

Improve your customer loyalty and customer engagement after implementing ServiceNow CSM, resulting in brand positioning increases and higher revenues for your business.

Are you ready to discover what CSM can do for your company?