ABIT Puresoft helped boost employee productivity and reduced efforts to handle IT processes through the ServiceNow Service Portal for one of the global suppliers of food processing technology

INDUSTRY: Manufacturing
LOCATION: Globally
SIZE: 20,000 employees

Service Portal
Service Portal

Better collaboration mindset
between employees

Intuitively designed
self-service platform

Automation of
ServiceDesk operations

With around 20,000 employees around the globe, our client is one of the main suppliers of food processing technology and a wide number of other sectors. The global group specializes in machinery, plants, as well as components and process technology.
In diverse end-user markets, the company provides sustainable solutions for sophisticated manufacturing processes and offers a broad service portfolio. To sustain optimum performance and ensure continued success, our client is gradually making
ServiceNow an important feature for working alongside their customers in close partnership.

The company is a long-standing ServiceNow customer originally introducing the platform to replace its legacy IT helpdesk. They are now quickly expanding the functionality of the platform to meet the service management needs of other departments’ as well.

Like most multinational companies, the client had accumulated several different IT resources, and handling them separately was a challenging task. In addition, the tools used and support teams within IT were structured into silos, preventing coherent processes and a clear picture of what was going on within the organization. To streamline and unify processes, they asked our help to build a Service Catalog within ServiceNow, which could be used by the entire organization to generate requests, incidents or search for knowledge which was previously scattered in multiple repositories. This was especially beneficial for the Finance department and their interaction with end users, since communication and support were handled via emails.

A Service Portal aligned with the brand identity and the company’s culture was the perfect solution for our customer. Moreover, our consultants enhanced the value of the implementation and the user experience by creating designs that are not only attractive, but also practical and user-friendly.

ABIT Puresoft designed a Service Portal which enables end users to navigate areas of interest from the home page and take actions faster. When building the portal, the mobile-first principle was used. This meant designing the layout for mobile devices with a default configuration then layering functionality on top of that default for wider displays.

With the ServiceNow IT Process Automation Suite, our client has eliminated service management software to provide a single system of record for their IT department worldwide. The tools which were replaced were a mixture of home-grown software and third-party resources. Each had its own interface for data storage and management. Now, all the employees have access to a simple, efficient way of making requests or seeking assistance, information or improvements that they need.

ABIT Puresoft understood that there was a need besides IT support and based on the customer’s business goals and unique environment, we have tailored a custom solution to help our customer accomplish its objectives more efficiently.

Our client now enjoys significant benefits since moving to a single system of record with the Service Portal implementation in ServiceNow. As a platform, it brought newer capabilities, which work in an integrated way to allow our client to achieve its business objectives. The need for faster and efficient digital transformation also created a better collaboration mindset between the employees, as they can now jointly solve business challenges with the Service Portal.
ABIT Puresoft has succeeded in implementing an easy-to-use service portal for end users by working closely with the customer:

  • From the home page of the Service Portal users can navigate the main areas of interest for the company, with the header menu being designed in a clean and concise way, with the favourite pages and language support additions.
    The navigation tool makes searches more easily through the categories and quickly finds the item you need to order and breaks down the search results with the feature of the top 5 results.
  • The customer required the improvement of loading time and we improved the portal with the “Load More” button. Also, by automating the approval process, the employees can accept or decline requests directly from the service portal. When making new requests, we added a “Save draft” button, which allows end users to save their progress within the request form and submit it at a later stage. This can also be used to submit the same type of request multiple times without having to fill in repeating data.
  • For better collaboration, the users have access to new sections where they can create, edit, or remove delegates for approvals or support notifications and they can directly contact their manager or see their co-workers’ profiles.
  • Finally, the sleek design is an important part of the portal’s successful implementation, with small touches such as the smiley face that greets employees when they have no pending issues. For better optimization, the user experience is important, so their feedback was appreciated and taken into consideration during development.

Integration - the core of IT Processes

Through the Service Portal we have built for our client, all the consolidation, self-service automation, and accountability that the ServiceNow platform brings is also extended to other departments within the business.

ServiceNow as a Single System of Record

The Service Portal provides all customers with a single point of reference to manage their records, including searching in various repositories for relevant material. It is possible to filter searches by product version, features, and type of content. Customers can search Community articles without leaving the Service Portal.


The customer already used ServiceNow, however there was a need for improving employee satisfaction by letting them concentrate on work rather than administrative activities.

It was necessary to allow self-service capabilities with a dedicated solution within ServiceNow. Our client wanted to provide an intuitively designed self-service platform that addressed unique needs across various divisions of their diverse user base. Most significantly, without any external support, the system had to allow the client’s internal team to manage it.


Service Portal


The exchange of information through the employee base is the best part of the self-service portal. Information and problem-solving insights make it easier for people to tackle their own needs, which results in faster issue resolution, real-time visibility, better flexibility, and efficiency.
Our team enabled the automation of ServiceDesk operations and software provision. In this way, we managed to simplify navigation and improve content discoverability, also allowing an enhanced maintainability of the portal with its intuitive design.


The customer views ServiceNow as a strategic platform that will play an important role in modernising service delivery.
“We will continue our collaboration with ABIT Puresoft to help us automate and digitize our workflows and provide high quality services as until now.”

Global IT Project Manager