ServiceNow Rome Release

ServiceNow Rome

The ServiceNow Rome release is quickly approaching, and it will include exciting new features and enhancements that will make building on the platform easier than ever. With upgrades to App Engine Studio, new tools to make building experiences faster, major improvements to different automation and integration tools, and security features to help keep the platform secure and compliant, the release contains new features and improvements built on the Now Platform.

At ABIT Puresoft, we are excited for everything ServiceNow has packed into this ServiceNow Rome upgrade. More features for all the modules and new capabilities and natural usage improves the employee and customer experience. Mobile workflows that are customizable meet customers and employees where they are.

Dive into the resources below to learn more and get in touch with our ServiceNow experts from ABIT Puresoft to start the upgrade journey and unleash some of our favorite features that the platform has to offer.

1. IT Service Management

Workforce Optimization Enhancements (WFO)

Within the Workforce, managers and administrators will have new possibilities. This entails better demand forecasting through scenario modeling for increased accuracy, as well as asset managing all on-call schedules in one location on the WFO calendar. Integrations with third-party learning management systems like as Udemy, Pluralsight, and Cornerstone will also be available.

Digital Portfolio Management

Owners of services, products, and applications will now have a centralized location to manage their complete portfolio of offerings.  Alongside the process optimization enhancements, with machine learning cluster analysis, business users will gain actionable insights on process improvements while also identifying and resolving difficulties.

Vendor Manager Workspace

Another Workspace-based update will give Vendor Managers an excellent tool for tracking the performance. Vendor KPIs will be shown on a landing page for a quick look overview. It will make use of new “service credits” to aid calculate refunds from vendors because of performance failures, as well as leverage KPI groups for more reporting and tracking options.

2. Configuration Management Database (CMDB)

The CMDB Data Workspace update will boost productivity by giving CMDB administrators a single area to access critical metrics, actions, and tools. Improved knowledge and comprehension of CI interactions will result in improved CI health. In addition, to reduce repetitive, human inputs, the data manager will now use policy-driven automation of CMDB data management operations.

3. IT Asset Management

Recommended activities, alerts, and actionable insights will be provided by the Software Asset Manager. It will combine several dashboards into a more usable workspace for day-to-day asset activities, as well as provide more relevant and contextual metrics and KPIs.

The Asset Health feature of the Hardware Asset Dashboard makes use of ServiceNow’s single-source-of-truth platform to give you information about the overall health of your Hardware Assets. Asset managers can get recommendations, warnings, and insights based on the health of their assets. Reports on the health and compliance of hardware asset records are included in the dashboard.

4. IT Operations Management

The management and scaling of the MID servers used for IT Operations Management become increasingly difficult over time. Because scaling was a time-consuming procedure, it was only done after many time-outs. This process has been substantially improved thanks to Rome’s new functionality that allows containerization for MID servers. This new update will enhance IT operations with a unified single-agent solution and through integrated playbooks for the digital enterprise, you will be able to keep track of events, find assets and endpoints, and improve plugins incident response.

5. Customer Service Management (CSM)

ServiceNow introduces messaging services from which you can purchase third-party messaging services from companies like Twilio at a fixed value. You can order messaging credits as a separate SKU and ServiceNow will handle the rest. This extra service can be added to any of your current CSM plans. Also, in the latest ServiceNow Rome version, the plug-in Next Best Action for Customer Service allows you to build next best actions such as guidance or decision trees based on the record your agents are working on.

6. Field Service Management (FSM)

Crew Operations allows businesses to deploy fixed or ad hoc teams to different tasks in circumstances where a team of technicians is necessary to complete the job. Complex work orders with technical teams will be supported, as well as the definition and creation of fixed and ad hoc crews. Furthermore, it will assign a crew to perform a work order task automatically.

Crew members work together for a number of hours, weeks, or months on the assigned duties, overseen by a crew leader who records work contributions and performs managerial tasks. Field Service Crew Operations enables businesses to streamline work planning and execution while delivering exceptional results for complicated operations.

7. HR Service Delivery

The Employee Center will be available through the ServiceNow Store starting with the ServiceNow Rome release. This will provide access to a plethora of new features at a faster rate than ever before.

Employee journey management will increase employee engagement and provide support during challenging times. Managers and department heads will be able to create personalized templates to boost employee productivity using Journey Accelerator. The Listening Posts will collect real-time feedback in order to provide a more responsive and coordinated experience.

Besides the IT workflows, the customer workflows, and employee workflows, the ServiceNow Rome Release updated the Now Platform which promises to boost your digital business:

8. ServiceNow Mobile App Builder

With the new Rome release, users will be able to build and customize mobile apps quickly with Mobile App Builder. With a single intuitive interface, this will simplify mobile configuration and boost developer productivity.

The new edition will unlock new mobile users and use cases with external user assistance and mobile publishing, thanks to the Mobile B2C upgrades.

9. The Flow Designer Error Handling

This new addition will allow flows to automatically detect errors and take corrective action. If a flow detects a mistake, a series of actions and sub flows can be automatically triggered to identify and solve problems as they arise.

10. IntegrationHub Imports

ServiceNow has combined several outdated forms into a single, modern interface. This makes importing data from external sources and transforming it into tables easier. From a single location in the system, you may manage various imports, data sources, transform maps, and schedules.


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