The ServiceNow ITBM solution has increased business growth by boosting efficiency, shortening time-to-market, and lowering costs. Thus, the increase in visibility and insight has allowed team members to align activities with corporate objectives more easily.

LOCATION: United Kingdom

ServiceNow ITBM

Reduced custom development and redundant processes

Eliminated siloes and addressed change avoidance

Gained visibility and understanding into all project processes

Better resource planning to support business priorities

Our British customer is a company that aims to encourage private sector investment in low-carbon energy that is safe and reliable, as their goal is to assist the United Kingdom in overcoming fundamental impediments to meeting its Net Zero obligations and making decarbonization more feasible in the future.

Alongside our trusted partner, Scarce IT, ABIT Puresoft was contracted by the energy client to assist in evaluating their IT Business Management procedures and options using the Agile methodology. They have chosen the ServiceNow platform as part of their application rationalization efforts, which began by thoroughly discovering the ITBM capabilities of ServiceNow using a series of solution overviews, demonstrations, and best practice sessions performed by ABIT Puresoft.

With ITBM solution, our customer wanted to manage their entire change portfolio in alignment with the organization's strategy in today's complex and volatile environment beyond the boundaries of IT. Moreover, they aspired to gain more control and transparency over their expenditures and resources.

Given that they have around 500 ServiceNow users, our client needed to ensure that all business processes are handled successfully. The desire to manage ideas and prioritize demands, gain visibility into resource projects, and understand financial performance, as well as having the capacity to manage their full portfolio of initiatives with cost, effort, and results were the driving factors in deciding to embark on the ServiceNow journey. The desire to manage and prioritize demands and ideas, gain visibility into resource projects and understand financial performance, as well as having the capacity to manage their full portfolio of initiatives with cost, effort, and results were the driving factors in deciding to embark on the ServiceNow journey.

As the selected ServiceNow provider, ABIT Puresoft, alongside our strategic ServiceNow partner, we have helped the British organization adopt the whole ServiceNow ITBM suite for their initial implementation due to their specific business demands.

The customer, who was already using ServiceNow ITSM, saw this project as a strategic opportunity to increase their platform adoption and launch a thorough digital transformation. Previously, the team tracked their project management and resourcing using numerous distinct tools (including manually updating excel documents). Although their processes were well defined, the old method was hampered using unnecessary and time-consuming pages and tools, not to mention the time required to ensure that all the information across numerous documents was updated concurrently and kept in total synchronization.

The ServiceNow platform was widely adopted as part of their application rationalization efforts. They initially started exploring ServiceNow ITBM and PPM capabilities through multiple solution overviews, demonstrations, and best practice sessions with ABIT Puresoft. During the initial stages of the implementation, we have worked to create and streamline intake forms, processes, and templates, as well as centralize key information with custom dashboards for giving increased visibility.

To assist in the transition process, the ITBM module solution was implemented through a series of educational and product usage best practice workshops. This posed challenges for our development team, as they needed to be extremely precise with all the capabilities provided by the ServiceNow platform to meet the client’s expectations. The ABIT Puresoft team met the implementation deadline while also achieving the business objectives.

Our client understood that there are significant automation and efficiency advantages when IT Business Management applications are implemented all at once. Collaboration between service and project managers is an important aspect in developing an efficient work environment, and ABIT Puresoft met their objectives.

Project Portfolio Management (PPM) was utilized to deliver insight into all demand, resources, and project portfolios, which was critical to any ITBM implementation. With increased visibility, team members were better able to align activities with corporate objectives and work faster and more efficiently with available resources.

Only after working closely with ABIT Puresoft on the strategic side did all the technical implementations take place. For example, they began with a thorough examination of their current ServiceNow platform and Service Portal. Our project management team made recommendations on how to effectively align their platform and execute their initial ITBM deployment, and even implemented the Idea Portal as a new avenue of internal communication.

Overall, the firm now takes use of the additional visibility given by the ServiceNow ITBM deployment to ensure that their resources are focused on the correct activities at the right time, and to optimize the value of the whole IT team across the company.

Following a significant investment in ServiceNow, this client’s successful launch of ITBM is only the beginning of a long-term commitment to digital transformation. For years to come, our customer will embrace ServiceNow as the engine that will drive meaningful change across their organization.


Our customer’s most pressing challenge was the need to manage a fragmented business management environment. With well-defined Idea and Demand Management processes, with an already existing tool used for Project Management, it had an urgent need of a platform able to enable a mature portfolio process. In addition to that, ServiceNow offered Resource Management tools and a complete financial transparency.


ABIT Puresoft’s solution aided in increased business growth by boosting efficiency, shortening time-to-market, and lowering costs. The development team’s main challenge was, however, to implement in such a short time company’s very detailed specifications regarding ITBM processes.


ServiceNow IT Business Management


ServiceNow’s project record data allowed them to replicate the functionality of their old system while enhancing efficiency and saving significant time by eliminating the need for team members to manually update various excel sheets. The client received visibility into critical stats and data points by recording this information on the ServiceNow platform. Individuals used to have to switch between different Excel documents to see the essential data. Anyone with access to the organization’s ServiceNow instance now has complete visibility into corporate data.


ABIT Puresoft and our customer collaborated to bring the entire business on board through the series of workshops that helped to establish ownership and assure awareness of the module’s functionality. The involvement of their larger user base was critical, with a few key participants taking into administrative roles and now managing and maintaining the platform moving forward.