With the support of ABIT Puresoft, The Royal Society of Chemistry achieves high instance performance with ServiceNow HealthScan

INDUSTRY: Publishing
LOCATION: Globally
SIZE: 650 employees and 50,000 members

ServiceNow HealthScan

Increased platform security against attacks

Reduced waiting time for instance upgrades

Increased scripts performance running asynchronous

Boosted user experience and satisfaction

The Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) publishes world-leading scientific journals and is the UKs professional body for chemical scientists with over 50,000 members worldwide focused on the advancement of chemistry, the development of its applications, and the dissemination of chemical knowledge.

With an existing ServiceNow instance, the customer needed an evaluation of their internal platform, currently managed by its employees, to identify areas where they might encounter technological debt and collect data-driven insights about optimizing the instance configuration to deliver reliable, low maintenance, working systems and to be able to identify user and technical requirements. Our British client is advancing towards excellence and connecting its future to the ServiceNow implementation.

ServiceNow HealthScan Scorecard provides an automated review of an instance, to better understand instance health. This application uses a pre-defined library of best practice called definitions to inspect the instance. There are several topics covered by this scan, including security rules, scripting best practices, user experience and slow performing queries. Based on this ServiceNow Health scan, we have implemented a series of recommendations that have been derived from best practices and our previous experience. We have created a set of security properties for the instance, we have improved the catalog items in both user experience and maintainability, and we have ensured that slow queries are optimized as much as possible.

With the use of HealthScan, RSC in-house ServiceNow instance configuration was compared with the best practice definitions across suites, such as ITSM and Performance Analytics. Moreover, it summarized their instance’s health based on five important categories: performance, upgrades, security, user experience, and the convenience of management.

ABIT Puresoft implemented HealthScan for RSC to avoid performance problems during the upgrades and increase the visibility into the instance health status. There was also a need to equate our British client’s instance to best practices to reduce the amount of customization necessary and produce clean codes.

With the HealthScan optimization our customer can now more easily scale their internal processes to accommodate business growth and reduce the technological debt with the reduction of unnecessary customization.

Now, our client’s developers have gained detailed insights and suggestions because of the data extracted. The team could update the code in accordance with the guidelines to ensure that it adheres to best practices.

RSC’s employees now enjoy significant improvements after taking into consideration the recommendations of the ServiceNow HealthScan application and ABIT Puresoft team. Their instance requires less customization, and the overall performance is now improved by receiving instant feedback that further teaches developers better ways to code.

Therefore, since day one of the implementation, all the upgrades became faster and smoother using best practices.

The benefits of running the ServiceNow HealthScan included:

  • Cut the time it takes to update versions from months to weeks by reviewing and reducing the customizations on a regular basis. HealthScan also helped them predict which missed records will reappear in the future, cutting down on update time.
  • By adding the feature of prioritizing action steps, our client can make sure that they have fixed the important items first, as HealthScan rates recommendations by importance.
  • RSC required to better understand and improve their instance health and by comparing their instance to hundreds of best practice checks, they can now gain a deeper understanding of why their platform is not working as well as it should.
  • Finally, the elimination of any unnecessary customizations and configurations was possible.

Optimizing the Instance Health

Maintaining the health of the internal instance is vital for our client’s company growth, especially when it comes to the industry they operate in. Over time, there will be an important value placed on performing different types of scans, as ServiceNow manages to efficiently change the way people work.

ServiceNow - Making workflows efficient

The way employees work now is evolving thanks to ServiceNow. By defining, structuring, and automating work, ServiceNow is building a modern service experience for everyone in our customer’s organization. Our UK learned society client has proven to us once again that service management is only as good as its ability to evolve with the customer’s requirements.


The ServiceNow HealthScan report offered a detailed picture of the existing processes that needed to be improved. A challenge for our team was to repair the current developments and not to implement the workflows from scratch. Additionally, other senior developers from our team, with different and complex expertise in all ServiceNow suites, were involved at a certain point to inspect the data and make the best recommendation for implementation.

Thorough testing and validation services have been offered by ABIT Puresoft team both in test and production environments, in order to prevent damages during the repair works.


ServiceNow HealthScan


Improvement services for maintaining ServiceNow Instance Health with HealthScan


“It was a real pleasure working with ABIT Puresoft team and enjoyed having them on this project. Everything was seamlessly compared with other consultants I have worked with.”

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