Our customer leverages ServiceNow to empower its people with consistent, intuitive enterprise services, increasing employee satisfaction.

INDUSTRY: Manufacturing
LOCATION: Globally
SIZE: 20,000 employees 

HR Service Delivery

Providing employees with a single company data base

Organized employee interactions

Assess workforce and workplace information

Transforms experience  through faster data reports

With its roots in Germany, our client is one of the global largest suppliers for the food, beverage, and pharmaceutical sectors. Their major focus is on continuously enhancing the sustainability and efficiency of customers’ production processes. Boasting offices in over 60 countries and having over 20.000 employees, the organization empowers their clients through continuous innovation and time-tested investment practices.


Developing their human capital and cultivating environmental consciousness has always been top-of-mind for our customer. As such, ServiceNow HR Service Delivery has been their next goal to unlock enterprise productivity and give their employees the service experience they deserve.

Our customer leverages ServiceNow to empower its people with consistent, intuitive enterprise services. The manufacturer is increasing employee satisfaction, enhancing employee engagement, and fostering business agility by providing employees with a consistent, intuitive way to access information and services across the business. These are all critical elements of the digital transformation journey.

As part of HR implementation project, ABIT Puresoft was contracted to deliver the Job Family Data tailored application for the global supplier, designed to process the current database of all the employees in the Service Portal. Job Families are groups of jobs that are similar in the field/profession of the work and core accountabilities. Thus, the solution architecture of this project was based on understanding the collection of jobs that all work in the same functional area and have similar fundamental knowledge and experience criteria. The family is organized according to function rather than organizational structure, to create a more efficient and intuitive data base for the managerial positions.

The project started out with an already existing database, however with incomplete records about the employees working in the company. The company’s Job Management department worked predominantly using Excel files to update personal information and new positions. Although this approach was a good start, the method was outdated and had limited management functionality and reporting capabilities and could not integrate further processes. Our developers handled the legacy database, adding any new updates or eliminating retired employees or leavers, thus working towards making new Catalog Items with two new variables that had to be considered throughout the development and implementation of the custom application.

The lack of a central Job Family Data application resulted in silos, limited visibility, and process inefficiencies. Implementing a solution that could serve as their enterprise backbone would allow them to capture meaningful metrics, reduce time to resolution, encourage self-service, and lay the foundation for future growth. As the HR Service Portal was already functioning in good terms for the organization, the solution was adding a new page in the Portal with the custom application, serving the managers the ability to send requests.

With the help of ABIT Puresoft, the company completed a ServiceNow HR Job Family Data custom application that:


  • Established a unified system of record for all the employees in each department.
  • Improved the efficiency of their management team by establishing a central knowledge base and integrating with the existing data system.
  • Provides greater clarity into obtaining reports about employees.
  • Laid the foundation for future HR capabilities with a fast ability to add new data or update already existing information.
  • Drives self-service and in turn reduces requests.

To continue their journey, the company is collaborating with ABIT Puresoft to gain a deeper understanding of how to use ServiceNow in conjunction with their existing technological stack. They can now spread ServiceNow both within their HR department and across the organization now that their workers are comfortable with it.


Restricted visibility and process inefficiencies occurred from the lack of a central Job Family Data application. The project began with an existing data base that contained inadequate information about the company’s employees and collecting all the missing information was challenging as the deadline of the project placed much pressure on delivering an efficient application as soon as possible.

Because the HR Service Portal was already performing well for the company, the solution was to create a new page in the Portal with the custom application, allowing managers to send requests.


Job Family Data Application, HRSD Implementation


As the global manufacturer is coordinating offices in 60 countries and over 20.000 employees, the need of a centralized data base of family job group has become mandatory for the efficiency of managerial requests.

This project’s solution design was built on an understanding of a group of occupations that all work in the same functional area and have similar fundamental knowledge and experience requirements.

Our developers took care of the legacy database, making any necessary modifications and removing retired or departing personnel, all in the name of creating new Catalog Items with two additional factors to consider during the creation and deployment of the custom application.


The fact and figures presented by ABIT Puresoft in the completion of this project was truly commendable and we come back with such positive feedback for their dedicated team, as they were very patient, accommodating and understanding with all our requests. 

IT Cross Functional Services Owner