ABIT Puresoft provided for the global manufacturer an exceptional HR experience that mirrored how their employees interact in the actual world.

INDUSTRY: Manufacturing
LOCATION: Globally
SIZE: 20,000 employees 


Streamlined the HR management of resources and knowledge 

Enhanced employee service experience and satisfaction

Automated standard processes

Helps with employee onboarding and paperwork

Our customer’s primary focus, with over 18,000 employees, is on consistently enhancing the sustainability and efficiency of their manufacturing processes. They are one of the largest system suppliers to the food, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries in the world. Machinery, plants, and complex processes are the emphasis of the international industrial technology organization.

Our customer has always placed a high priority on developing their human capital and creating environmental awareness. Thus, they have selected ABIT Puresoft as their provider to offer advisory, implementation and managed services around ServiceNow’s HR Service Delivery (HRSD) solution suite. We are thrilled to extend our HR domain experience to address HR Services Management (HRSM) strategies and solutions in association with ServiceNow, based on our established track record in guiding transformation for multinational enterprises.

Firstly, we have assessed the customer’s unique needs and use that understanding to help quickly extract maximum value from the HRSD ServiceNow suite and set the scene for future enhancements. Based on the requirements that were to be implemented, ABIT Puresoft designed implementation process according to best practices recommended by ServiceNow, the community and our own experience. This ensured a modular implementation with focus on easy maintainability and future development.

Like many other companies, our customer is dealing with a younger workforce with different needs, which prompted their HR leaders to create a single knowledge base for all their HR needs, as well as a user-friendly experience for employees to quickly find and answer their specific questions with relevant, consumable content. In other words, they intended to provide an exceptional experience that mirrored how their employees interact in the actual world.

Already equipped with ServiceNow’s ITSM solution, our client decided to explore a new venture into the platform’s HRSD capabilities. Previously, the client’s HR operations were excessively manual, requiring valuable resources to complete simple tasks. The biggest food suppliers realized they needed to rethink their Service Delivery and that their existing ServiceNow platform would be the enabler for their HR transformation. Starting from the Service Portal, which already included the relevant data within the Human Resources Department, ABIT Puresoft was able to implement several HRSD modules and applications, such as: HR Service Delivery integration with Workday, AAB Application for Job Descriptions and the Family Job Group Application.

Our customer used Workday for Human Capital Management in addition to ServiceNow ITSM. This necessitated the integration of ServiceNow and Workday, allowing the two programs to communicate seamlessly to eliminate system gaps and inefficiencies. Integrating ServiceNow and Workday with a ServiceNow Workday HR Spoke automated HR tasks and improved the accuracy and efficiency of processes. While Workday is used for backend HR tasks, ServiceNow workflows further enhanced their entire HR service management. Most importantly, from the employee’s perspective, everything now happens in a single interface. This integration efficiently manages data and service requests employees and simplifies and streamlines onboarding and offboarding processes.


The international corporation automated all its HR contacts utilizing ServiceNow HR service delivery, which included applications for Universal Request, Case and Knowledge Management, Enterprise Onboarding and Transitions, Now Mobile, Employee Service Center, and more.

Furthermore, our client needed a new custom application that would support the creation of Job Descriptions in a ServiceNow Table, as their old system was not agreed upon anymore by the German state and the licenses were very soon about to expire. ABIT Puresoft tailored a solution to create a process for sending Job Description directly to the HR and Works Council representatives to be approved.  After the approval stage, the Job Description is now automatically published in the custom application, eliminating the bureaucracy and potential missing information. Reaching out to actual users of the system to earn their cooperation and involvement became a habit for our developers. This kind of attention to detail, open communication, and adherence to best practices were critical to the project’s success.

As a result of the successful implementation, our customer's team was able to route practically all queries through ServiceNow AAB Custom Application, providing managers with a new level of operational information. Managers can now identify modifications faster and more quickly thanks to the application's new straightforward and user-friendly design.

Another successful implementation within the ServiceNow HRSD, has been the delivery of a Family Job Group tailored application for the global supplier, designed to process the current database of all the employees in the Service Portal. The project started out with an already existing database, however with incomplete records about the employees working in the company. The company’s Job Management department worked predominantly using Excel files to update personal information and new positions.

With the help of ABIT Puresoft, the company completed a ServiceNow HR Job Family Data custom application that:


  • Established a unified system of record for all the employees in each department.
  • Improved the efficiency of their management team by establishing a central knowledge base and integrating with the existing data system.
  • Provides greater clarity into obtaining reports about employees.
  • Laid the foundation for future HR capabilities with a fast ability to add new data or update already existing information.
  • Drives self-service and in turn reduces requests.

Our customer used ServiceNow HR Service Delivery to replace manual processes with self-service and automated workflows, allowing the HR department to focus on other strategic activities for the employee’s well-being.

Now, for many employees, ServiceNow has made interacting with IT a fast, easy, and highly satisfying experience.



ABIT Puresoft believes that ServiceNow is the best solution for addressing any challenges in HR Service Delivery. The site serves as a one-stop shop for all things HR. All related queries and requests are followed up on by the appropriate HR specialist, allowing for efficient and effective processing, which was a struggle to overcome due to our customer’s previous numerous systems of records. Many operations necessitate collaboration among staff from many departments (HR, Facility Management, IT, Finance).

HR ServiceNow Implementation


The global manufacturer needed to replace manual processes, reduce multiple systems, and build a shared services team to free up Human Resources department’s time.

It has been the ideal platform for streamlining and managing communication between HR and its employees due to its user-friendly portal, flexible workflows, and integration capabilities.

We were able to combine ServiceNow expertise with an impressive array of technology by utilizing HRSD methodology. ABIT Puresoft created a “single HR system” for employees, a one-stop platform accessible via mobile or desktop that connects them to everything they need to perform their role.

Besides, the HR implementation plays a big part in the management department of HR, as everything is visible, up-to-date and it became easier to send requests, approve them or decline them.


“The fact and figures presented by ABIT Puresoft in the completion of this project was truly commendable and we come back with such positive feedback for their dedicated team, as they were very patient, accommodating and understanding with all our requests.”

IT Cross Functional Services Owner