For our multinational manufacturer we tailored the eApproval Application using the Service Portal that matched the company's corporate identity and culture.

INDUSTRY: Manufacturing
LOCATION: Globally
SIZE:  20,000 employees 


Accelerated the time response process 

Created end-to-end visibility 

Improved the employee experience 

Created business alignment by centralizing demand 

With over 18,000 employees, our customer’s primary focus is on continuously improving the sustainability and efficiency of their processes. They are one of the world’s largest suppliers of systems to the food, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries. The international industrial technology group focuses on machinery, plants, and advanced processes. 

The company is committed to building on its strong history of innovation and is looking forward to automating all its business processes.  

Thus, the company has been a ServiceNow customer for a long time, having first used the platform to replace its previous ticketing toolThey are now significantly enhancing the platform’s capability to satisfy the demands of the management department. ABIT Puresoft has been their go-to provider to create great professional experiences for their customers and employees. Step by step, using ServiceNow in multiple areas of the company, they have transformed the way they work, how they interact with customers and how the business runs overall. We believe that the successful digitalization depends on close partnership between us and our customers. 

In its ambition to drive digitalisation and automation throughout its operations, our customer wanted to improve their approval application and integrate the existinService Portal with the mobile app. Our team offered customized solutions for their demands, taking into consideration that they needed the application to send requests more efficiently to the management team for undergoing new projects. Because contact and assistance were done via e-mails, the eApproval application was especially advantageous for the Finance department and end user interactions.   

We tailored the eApproval Application using the Service Portal. For our multinational manufacturer, the Service Portal that matched the company's corporate identity and culture was the ideal option. Furthermore, our experts added value to the implementation and user experience by producing practical designs, taking into consideration the brand book and the corporate design manual.

Through the customization of the eApproval application, ABIT Puresoft had optimized and implemented requirements for the Service Portal and developed the mobile application. When implementing further requirements, the mobile-first principle was used. This meant starting with a basic setup for mobile devices and then building capabilities on top of it for larger devices. Also, the eApproval application came along with new business requirements, with dynamic approval groups, visibility restrictions based on roles or departments and modified dashboard on the Service Portal which contains the eApproval reports. 

All employees now have access to a simple, fast method of submitting requests for support, information, or improvements. 

Our customer relies on IT to deliver key capabilities that support thousands of employee engagements. By leveraging ServiceNow to unify and strengthen its Service Portal and eApproval application, they have enhanced operational efficiency, improved data quality, and increased on-time project delivery.

The company’s legacy approval tools were fragmented, inflexible, and difficult to maintain, resulting in inefficiencies and data quality issues. The main challenge was assimilating the process in a short amount of time to modify it based on the new requirements. As it was not initially developed as a scoped application, it generated problems for other ServiceNow applications. 

ABIT Puresoft has successfully managed to offer a solution that eliminated misunderstanding of requirements and offered in exchange a timely efficient application. 

Following the service delivery steps and the guidelines provided by ABIT Puresoft, our customer was able to reach an important stage of automation, which is data base normalization. Normalization is forcing the platform to automatically translate variations of the same field value into a single, accepted value. Avoiding duplicate data makes searches easier by forcing a field to use a single, identifiable description for several versions of the same object. This process can be configured to alter queries automatically to produce normalized results, in addition to reconciling multiple versions of the same value in fields. 

ServiceNow makes it very easy to create new custom applications to meet our customer’s requirements.

Through the eApproval application our client now enjoys significant benefits, as the level of responsiveness and transparency has strengthened relations between IT and their business. All departments are now aligned with the same data set and can better collaborate internally, having aligned all the requests in one place.  ServiceNow is viewed by the client as a strategic platform that will help modernize their workflows and enhance business processes to gain more insights into the needs of the employees and leave space for other tasks using automation of requesting approvals through the mobile application.  


ServiceNow uses an AI-powered workflow engine to make work easier. It provides solutions for IT, employees, and customers through processes, and issues arose during the implementation of the customized eApproval application. 

Being a fully customized application, it was challenging to expand its capabilities to all departments. We led the project management side of things and maintained a seamless flow of information between our team and all affected departments in the customer’s organization. 

Furthermore, assimilating the process in a short period of time to adapt it in accordance with the new requirements was very demanding. Since it wasn’t developed as a scoped application, it caused issues for other ServiceNow applications during updates. 


eApproval Application , ServicePortal , Mobile App 


Already having a Service Portal implemented, our customer needed customization and enhancements when it came to approvals and workflows. With the eApproval application, ABIT Puresoft enabled the customer’s teams to easily send project requests directly to the upper management. Using intelligent rules to ensure all mandatory information is captured, the need to gather all the required details up front has been delivered, and now all the business users are able to work in the most efficient manner. 


The fact and figures presented by ABIT Puresoft in the completion of this project is truly commendable and we come back with such positive feedback for the team, as they were very patient, accommodating and understanding with all our requests.  Our company deeply appreciates the effort and professionalism by which they have completed the project and all the support offered throughout the implementation stages.  

IT Co-ordinator