Technology company intends to employ ITOM and ITSM services to simplify IT operations management at scale and improve data accuracy on IT infrastructure use.

INDUSTRY: Technology
LOCATION: Globally
SIZE:  345,900 employees 

IT operations

Improved visibility of global IT operations

Aligned their global IT infrastructure

Centralized data into a single unified system

Simplified operational management

Our global customer has been helping businesses in all industries to transform, innovate, and thrive for over 100 years and in 175 countries. They create high value for clients by merging deep expertise with unrivalled technology to address the world’s most pressing issues in today’s digital economy. They combine industry expertise, IT implementation services, and secure enterprise systems and software to enable enterprises to lead in the cloud and cognitive era, backed by the world’s greatest research organization.

ABIT Puresoft, like our client, provides exceptional customer and employee experiences. That is why digitization is so vital to us, and we strive to assist businesses in driving their digital transformations to transform the way they work.

The technology company intends to employ ITOM and ITSM services to simplify IT operations management at scale and speed, as well as improve data accuracy on IT infrastructure use. Consolidating and improving the visibility of global IT operations has become increasingly crucial in their digital environment, especially as their client portfolio has grown substantially in Europe, necessitating the alignment of multiple tools under a single cloud platform.

The ServiceNow strategy of one of our customers began as a tactical and technical re-platforming and is now expanding into a bigger vision and journey aimed at improving service and operations management. They began by developing a DevSecOps platform for Europe, as they already had one for the United States. Development security operations attempts to incorporate security practices into each stage of a DevOps team’s application lifecycle. The necessity for improved security when dealing with confidential data motivated this implementation. By incorporating security testing at a higher level and within the continuous development cycle, DevSecOps corrects cloud workflows. ABIT Puresoft managed to successfully import all the confidential information, which were placed under the regulations of GDPR, and offer our client the centralization of data into a single unified system.

Our customer was using multiple tools for event management and service management requests, which needed to be integrated into the ServiceNow platform. ABIT Puresoft assisted with their ServiceNow platform integration strategy to facilitate data transactions between the IT company's ServiceNow system and their in-house ITSM solutions.

The first integrated tool was Netcool, which manages event management. Netcool events will be screened, and qualified events will be created as Incidents in ServiceNow. Netcool integration will be managed by the ServiceNow instance, generating incidents that will be automatically sent to Netcool once they have an answer. Also, ABIT Puresoft helped our customer integrate HP Managed Services into their ServiceNow platform. With this integration, our client migrated incidents, problems, changes, requests, knowledge articles, and service catalog requests, while still maintaining data integrity including relationships, comments and worklogs. As for the continuity of this project, our customer plans to integrate the 4me ticketing tool. With this integration, ServiceNow requests and incidents will be provided to 4me as requests, and 4me requests will be passed to ServiceNow as either requests or incidents.

The ITOM and ITSM suites work together to enable new ways to leverage the ServiceNow platform to deliver more reliable services, get more accurate data, and gain control over our client’s big hybrid settings. Using ITSM, we managed domain separation, incident management, change management, request fulfilment and SLAs for this project. Also, data migration and the various integrations were done with ITSM’s tools. Using ServiceNow ITOM’s Orchestration, we helped our multinational client automate IT and business processes.

The IT corporation is now able to use their ServiceNow platform, integrated with their desired service management systems to directly access information regarding incident and request tickets because of the successful project implementation. This enabled the multinational corporation to progressively expand the tracked data flow as their client base expanded globally, with more confidential information and regulations to follow.


Being a complex multinational corporation, our client had to merge multiple tools into the unified ServiceNow platform, as well as to keep customer confidential data protected and correctly up to date. The project implementation consisted in multiple integrations and alignment of processes, which had to be adapted into the new ecosystem desired.

 ABIT Puresoft also had to ensure that processes were up to date and ready for integration so that they would not interfere with the overall ServiceNow implementation process, or the data streams sourced from various business processes.


ITSM development and ITOM integrations (Orchestration)


Our clients’ ServiceNow strategy started as a tactical and technical re-platforming and is now evolving into a larger vision and journey focused at improving service and operations management. ABIT Puresoft helped in the creation of a shared platform that aims to bring automation in all areas of the business model.

Combining ServiceNow’s ITOM and ITSM components with our client’s integrated tools and orchestration platforms provides a deeper understanding of anomalies, increases monitoring capabilities, and helps the IT corporation develop more focused automation solutions to take action.