ABIT Puresoft provided a strong foundation for Strategic Portfolio Management in order for our customer to embark on a journey to fundamentally improve project management efficiency.

INDUSTRY: Healthcare
LOCATION: United Kingdom
SIZE: 3,500 employees 

Strategic Portfolio Management

Improved project management efficiency and effectiveness



Greater transparency and control

Effective prioritization of new ideas

Our customer is a leading healthcare facility located in England. It is a specialized hospital that provides a wide range of healthcare services to children, young people, and their families. The hospital has been providing healthcare services for over 140 years and has gained a reputation as one of the best children’s hospitals in the United Kingdom.

Our customer has a team of highly skilled and experienced healthcare professionals who provide exceptional care to their patients. The hospital offers a broad range of clinical services, including general surgery, cardiology, neurology, respiratory medicine, and orthopedics. It also provides specialist services such as cancer care, kidney and liver transplants, and cochlear implants.

Previously, customer’s IT Project Management Team utilized disconnected project plans in various formats, such as Microsoft Project, Aspire, and Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, to monitor project progress and document the work breakdown structure. However, at that time, the plans were not linked to a roadmap tool that could predict and track project milestone dates. When the organization realized that these operations needed to be aligned, it turned its attention to ServiceNow, known as a leader in Gartner and positioned as highest in execution and furthest in vision out of the 10 vendors evaluated.

Strategic Portfolio Management was the ideal ServiceNow comprehensive module to achieve the organization's goals. With a solid background of similar implementations, ABIT Puresoft was selected as the delivery partner that would strategize and align customer’s processes within ServiceNow platform.

Firstly, it built a core Project Portfolio Management (PPM) standard system that ensured projects had the minimum required data for weekly reports and current status, aligned to portfolios, with defined stakeholders, strategy, and goals. The system also offered out-of-the-box dashboards to highlight project progress and health, regular reporting functionality for projects, and enablement of PPM Standard in Dev, UAT and Prod environments.

The functions for Idea and Demand Management were also introduced during the second phase of the project. Users would be able to submit project ideas through the portal, which would then be validated, triaged and expanded. This enabled the early termination of invalid ideas as well as the effective prioritization of new and fresh ideas against existing works.

Finally, the project included Roadmap feature, which offered a high-level view of project start and end dates, drilled down from roadmap entries into work assignment, and supported multiple data sources for roadmap entries based on queries. Overall, the implementation of ServiceNow Strategic Portfolio Management (SPM) improved project management efficiency and effectiveness, enhanced decision-making, and provided greater transparency and control.

The implementation of the ServiceNow Strategic Portfolio Management module significantly improved project management efficiency and effectiveness at customer’s headquarters.

The hospital has been able to guarantee projects have the necessary data aligned with portfolios, defined stakeholders, strategy, and goals by implementing a fundamental Project Management tool such as PPM module. As a result, decision-making has improved, transparency has increased, and control over project progress and health has increased. Overall, thanks to better Project Management capabilities the hospital can continue to provide exceptional care to its patients.



Establishing a Strategic Portfolio Management system at the customer’s headquarters was the main challenge faced by ABIT Puresoft team. The IT Project Management Team there was using a variety of project plans in different formats, including Microsoft Project, Aspire, and Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. This method created major to successfully monitoring project progress and documenting the work breakdown structure. Furthermore, the lack of a roadmap tool made project milestone dates difficult to predict and track.


Strategic Portfolio Management


The Project Portfolio Management (PPM) functionality was used to lay the groundwork for the ServiceNow Strategic Portfolio Management module. ABIT Puresoft team suggested a granular delivery method, starting with the mentioned component and gradually adding Idea and Demand Management features as well as Roadmap functionality.


The PPM Standard system ensured that projects had the necessary data for weekly reporting and current status, while the Idea and Demand Management capability allowed authorized users to submit project ideas and prioritize them against existing activities.

Additionally, the Roadmap functionality offered a top-level view of project start and end dates and allowed multiple data resources for roadmap entries based on queries.