Healthcare providers improve staff efficiency as they work to enhance patient outcomes for a healthier tomorrow

INDUSTRY: Healthcare
LOCATION: United Kingdom
SIZE: 1,500 employees 


Easier access to information about patients and medical resources

Simplified processes to unify the system of records


Streamlined IT operations to focus on the health of patients


Improved patients’ outcomes


Our customer is a foundation trust, providing high quality, safe and innovative care to patients in their community, in their homes or in hospital. They are part of the publicly funded national healthcare system in the UK. They provide services in the London region to individuals of working age, adults with learning disabilities, and older persons, so having a system that combined national data with local records and had a dynamic workflow was critical.

The customer was already using ServiceNow when they selected ABIT Puresoft and SCC, our trusted partner, to provide them a customized solution for a new ITSM application. The local foundation sought to build a system to manage doctor’s appointments through lending patients’ technical devices with access to an online mental health platform. This solution was essential considering the COVID-19 pandemic, to improve care and quality of life, and connect their administrative and clinical platforms to enable their teams, helping to deliver better outcomes for all those they serve.

ServiceNow allows our customer to move swiftly, but all the decisions were made with the long term in mind, as a strategic asset for both the foundation and the patients.

The system creates a comprehensive yet adaptable system for scheduling and recording mental health treatment appointments. It supports the community’s efforts to ensure that the most vulnerable members of society are treated as such, even in the event of a pandemic. Local GPs, particularly mental health care clinics, and regional health boards provide accurate data to the system. It provides a localized image of development, as well as the ability to integrate technology into daily health-care activities.

Through ServiceNow’s Configuration Management Database (CMDB), our developers were able to offer the desired project implementation by raising requests when there was a need for a new device, and automatically checking the availability/ stock, and then, directly removing it from the database when the device was distributed to a patient.  Because the devices are distributed only for the period of the prescribed treatment, before the treatment is over, the patient will receive notifications as a reminder for returning the device to their local clinic/ medical institution. Thus, this implementation offers our customer the easiest solution to fulfil all the requirements of this treatment cycle and the safety of the lent devices.

To support the local foundation trust’s mission to enhance the health and wellbeing of every person in the community, our customer deployed ServiceNow technologies and solutions, rationalizing its IT assets, embracing automation, and streamlining its services for patients.

Our British customer now has a tight hold on its IT capabilities, giving a reliable, efficient, and easy-to-use environment for both the doctors and those they treat, thanks to the power of ITSM and the rationalization and renewing of its Configuration Management Database. They improved reporting by employing the full dashboard capabilities. The process of optimizing the impact of automation is already started, and IT Service Management is offering unparalleled visibility and control. However, it is important to note that as with every project, challenges are an essential part, and for this implementation, the flow design for each Catalog Item required precision and attention from our developers.

With the use of ServiceNow it is now easier to track the lifecycle of the devices and offer patients the treatment they need the most even from the comfort of their home. Building on the success the national healthcare system, the local foundation can offer the best and personalized solution with the automated IT workflows.


By utilizing the complete dashboard features, they were able to improve reporting. The process of maximizing automation’s influence has already begun, and IT Service Management provides unrivaled visibility and control. It’s crucial to highlight, however, that obstacles are an inevitable part of every project, and the flow design for each Catalog Item requires precision and attention from our developers for its execution.


ITSM development (including CMDB)


Our developers were able to provide the desired project implementation using ServiceNow’s Configuration Management Database (CMDB) by raising requests when a new device was required, automatically checking availability/stock, and then removing the device from the database once it was distributed to a patient.

The system develops a method for scheduling and tracking mental health treatment visits that is both comprehensive and adaptive. Even in the event of a pandemic, it supports the community’s efforts to guarantee that the most vulnerable members of society are treated as such.