ABIT Puresoft’s goal was to reveal new insights into how the financial customer uses ServiceNow, specifically HR Service Delivery

LOCATION: Globally
SIZE: 10,000 employees 

HR Service Delivery

Improved productivity with automated workflows

Increased satisfaction by simplifying access to services

Boosted staff efficiency and service delivery with a clear view

Improved efficiency and gave complete visibility into the entire process

Our client is a well-known insurance company that holds over $500 billion in assets across its financial protection, accumulation, and wealth management areas. It boasts more than a century of safeguarding families’s financial wellbeing, with continuous high industry ratings.


ABIT Puresoft has developed a strong business relationship with the Romanian insurance company over the last two years by providing excellent services through three implementation and development projects: FSO Implementation, Configuration Management works for Discovery and Service Mapping, and HR Service Delivery.


For more than a century, this financial company has set the gold bar in insurance and financial protection by serving their customers with top line services and the latest business approaches. This targeted, thoughtful approach is what has defined their reputation as one of the most comprehensive and advanced insurance company in the world.

Rethinking HR Service Delivery

The client’s former HR processes were excessively manual, requiring significant resources to complete routine tasks. Recognizing the need to rethink HR Service Delivery, MassMutual’s HR executives recognized that their current ServiceNow platform was the enabler for their HR transformation and began their pursuit for a trusted partner to support them on their automation journey.


ABIT Puresoft’s previous expertise from our extensive portfolio provided us with a deep understanding of the processes required for the common enterprise systems used across different departments. This pre-existing relationship, combined with our ServiceNow expertise, gave MassMutual Romania the confidence they needed to rely on our experience and knowledge for their project.

The recommended ServiceNow HR Service Delivery solution for this customer was focused on delivering a scalable design that would allow their firm to achieve modern capabilities for employee services. To be more particular, to increase centralization and streamline delivery support models to achieve automation, self-service, and consumerization of the overall employee experience for a modern service delivery model.


ABIT Puresoft was chosen by the global insurance company to lead the critical HR transformation. Their first goal was to set the foundation for tiered HRSD routing and streamline HR services access to reduce stress and enhance employee satisfaction. In order to acquaint HR employees with the new flows, our team has provided comprehensive workshops and user story creation.

How HR Service Delivery can support your long-term HR goals

The company now benefits from increased internal communication and transparency with HR Knowledge management, as well as the ability to request HR Services through the Employee Service Center, thanks to the implemented ServiceNow solution.


Finally, by automating much of the information gathering and dissemination process connected with HR operations in a multinational corporation, the HRSD solution significantly reduced the amount of manual intervention required as part of the process by HR and IT professionals.


ABIT Puresoft has been this client’s chosen ServiceNow partner, assisting them in continuing to support their HRSD plan and goal. Their new HRSD solution is driving organizational change to support their long-term HR goals, such as redefining the employee experience and increasing user adoption.


The challenges, as with any ServiceNow implementation, taught us and our client valuable lessons. The most difficult aspect of this project was the portal re-design concept because there is no single solution that can meet everyone’s expectations, and we needed to combine as many capabilities as feasible. Furthermore, the HR Service Delivery system was firmly linked to a previous ITSM implementation that we were unfamiliar with, so ABIT Puresoft’s team had to align to the existing workflows and improve the overall experience based on the guidelines provided by the insurance company.


HR Service Delivery and Employee Service Center


The insurance company uses the HRSD ServiceNow solution to provide their employees with easier, faster, and more personalized service across the workplace. The team’s productivity and satisfaction have increased significantly, as has the human resources department’s reputation and efficiency. The organization can now provide exceptional employee experiences more easily and benefit from having a single point of contact for efficient and tailored human resources services.