Getting back to the workplace post COVID-19


With restrictions gradually lifted in most countries, companies are now preparing to welcome their employees back to the office. But what will the employee experience look like in a post COVID-19 world? Procedures and regulations must be put in place to properly manage the return to the office. This includes social distancing measures, updating the sick leave policies, and implementing new technologies for prolongued remote work.

Companies need to have plans that maintain the employees’ health and safety, manage resources effectively and rebuild morale. It is essential to recognize that while everyone went through the same isolation measures, not everyone experienced them the same way and that they will need time to adapt to the post-pandemic work life. Putting the employees’ well-being first is paramount because they are essential to any strategy’s success.

Here are some things to consider as businesses put together a plan to manage new operations, technologies and ways of working.

The state of return to work

Coming back to the office requires agility, careful planning and implementation. Creating a secure and productive environment for all employees means recognizing that not all of them need to come back to the office. Determining which staff is essential onsite should be one of management’s top concerns.

Complex digital workflows are essential to allow employees to do their jobs effectively, regardless of where they are. The companies that had digitalized their processes proved more adept at handling the pandemic and will be better prepared to get their operations back to some semblance of normal. Companies should speed up their efforts towards automation and digital transformation, starting with technologies and processes that increase productivity.

Companies that have not put these digital processes in place should consider doing so, not only because of this pandemic but because the old strategies and tools are no longer useful. Having seen first-hand which manual processes hindered their operations during this pandemic, 40% of companies now say that they plan to accelerate digital transformation because not doing so would be a threat to their business continuity.

As a ServiceNow provider, ABIT Puresoft is committed to assisting its customers manage the transition to a new way of working, preparing them to safely return to the office or supporting them in changing the way they operate. We specialize in providing consultancy and development for the ServiceNow platform, capable of delivering projects in full: architecture design, business analysis, development, quality assurance and training.

ServiceNow's new Back to Work Apps, regulations, and tactics

Through Safe Workplace apps, ServiceNow has the means to help businesses adjust to this changing environment – capabilities that many customers can put to work immediately.

ABIT Puresoft offers its customers support and counsel for the 4-app suite and dashboard that allow them to streamline the process of getting back to work. The apps are designed and adapted to the post COVID-19 reality taking into consideration the staff health and safety.

The suite is comprised of the following apps:

• Employee Readiness Surveys – an app for checking the employee’s readiness to get to the office, and ensuring they feel secure there. Check the demo below:

• Employee Health Screening – an app for meeting all the health and security requirements before an employee enters the workplace. Check the demo below:

• Workplace PPE Inventory Management – an app for management of personal protective equipment stock in all your facilities. Check the demo below:

• Workplace Safety Management – an app for coordinating your return process, assigning shifts, and planning sanitation. Check the demo below:

Several of our customers are already using this solution, if you would like to know more about their experiences, please contact us.

What is next

The world we knew may never be the same again and the decisions we take going forward should be based on facts and data. Businesses will need to make significant changes, starting with automation and digital transformation. Giving employees the opportunity to voice their concerns regarding the new office life is essential in getting them on board with the return-to-the-workplace plans. The COVID-19 crisis could prove to be an opportunity to strengthen the business and boost productivity in the long term.


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