One of the largest technology suppliers for food processing in the world transforms its employee experience workflows using ServiceNow

INDUSTRY: Manufacturing
LOCATION: Globally
SIZE: 20,000 employees

Employee experience

Boosted employee satisfaction

Reduced the waiting time for approvals

Automated assignment process

With almost 20,000 employees around the globe, the customer’s global group focuses on technologies, components, and sustainable solutions for sophisticated production processes in diverse end-user markets. To thrive in this new digital world, the customer establishes long-lasting relations with its customers and delivers excellent levels of service and support by gradually making ServiceNow the key component in driving employee engagement and enhancing business performance.

The food processing supplier is a long-standing ServiceNow IT Service Management customer. The organization originally brought in ServiceNow to replace its legacy IT helpdesk and is now rapidly expanding its use of the platform’s capabilities to meet the service management needs of other departments as well.

The client was facing several inefficiencies in the processes used to support part of the finance and accounting requests and issues. These were initiated and approved via e-mails, which hindered their fulfilment substantially. The client therefore decided to move and streamline these processes handled by the Finance department into ServiceNow.

The client needed an application which allowed its users to report finance issues and submit finance related requests such as creation and maintenance of vendors, customers, urgent ayments etc.

ABIT Puresoft implemented a solution which included six catalogue items for the requests and one record producer for reporting issues. They have been all bundled under a dedicated Finance and Accounting service portal.

Focused on the employee experience, the customer required a complex approval matrix that was previously maintained in an Excel sheet to be handled in ServiceNow directly. This was achieved through a series of groups allocated to each business entity within the customer’s organization, which will be maintained by the Finance department directly.

ABIT Puresoft helps bring productivity and efficiency for its customer and improves employee experience

The customer has noticed significant benefits since moving the finance operations to the Now Platform. In just a couple of weeks, hundreds of employees worldwide were already using ServiceNow to report finance issues and requests. Thanks to the automation and implemented smart workflows, the productivity improvements are substantial and now the employees can focus more on value-added tasks.

Users now have access to a fully automated Finance app which is also accessible via the Service Portal. Issue management groups can now action records faster because they are assigned automatically, based on the type of the issue reported.


By working closely with the customer, ABIT Puresoft has also succeeded in automating the following processes:

  • The process for approval previously involved e-mails bouncing between the fulfillers and the approvers, based on an Excel sheet. This was greatly enhanced to a streamlined, automated process, which allocates requests to approvers directly, based on the groups set up in ServiceNow. Requests are then assigned to the correct fulfiller team automatically, only after the proper approvals were granted, which means the fulfiller team does not waste time chasing for approvals and the turnaround time for requests is much lower.
  • The approvers are maintained in ServiceNow directly via a service catalogue item that the customer’s Finance department has access to. After the request for adding or removing an approver from a group is made, the process is completely automated and does not require any additional human interaction (previously, this had to reach the Service Desk team).
  • The customer also requires a vetting to be done for certain vendors – this process was also moved to ServiceNow via a series of notifications that is now much easier to track and report on. Also, the SLA for the fulfiller team is no longer affected by this process since the SLA is paused automatically while the vetting is performed.
    In terms of reporting, the SLA calculations which needed to be done by the fulfiller team on e-mail receipt dates are now all automated in ServiceNow reports. This includes a custom solution for tracking the pause time on cut off SLAs. This greatly reduced the effort required for creating reports on the Finance items handled within ServiceNow. Dashboards for the upper management team were also created, allowing them to discern the status of Finance items within ServiceNow at-a-glance.

Thinking ahead for the future

No current integrations were required, but we do have in plan to enhance the functionality by integrating with SharePoint to automate the creation of business entities and with a series of mailboxes to automate the creation of requests from external vendors.

A strategic platform

The customer views ServiceNow as a strategic platform that will play an important role in modernising service delivery. “We will continue our collaboration with ABIT Puresoft to help us automate and digitise our workflows and provide high quality services as until now.” said the Global Finance Project Manager.


The customer was using ServiceNow, but the Finance department was not implemented yet. The customer would use e-mails to handle this solution, which was extremely inefficient, especially for the approval workflows and for reporting.


Financial Service Management


Focused on employee experience, the application was used by the customer’s staff to report finance issues and to make finance related requests (creation and maintenance of vendors, customers, urgent payments etc.)

“The project implementation has been a real success thanks to ABIT Puresoft. Really appreciated the dedicated team and how focused they are on their client’s goals.
Thanks a lot for your reliable contribution! Looking forward to having you here in the next project.”

Global Finance Project Manager