Join Digitalize and Automate 2023 for the latest in AI revolution

Digitalize and Automate 2023

ABIT Puresoft invites you to join Efecte’s Digitalize and Automate 2023 on September 19, one of the largest Service Management events of the year.  

Focused on building organizations’ superpowers in the time of AI revolution, the event will feature keynotes from Efecte CEO Niilo Fredrikson, Chairman of the Board of Directors Päivi Rekonen and CPO Santeri Jussila. On the speakers list is also economist and best-selling author Daniel Susskind, whose work explores the impact of technology on work and society. 

Don’t miss out on learning about the IT industry’s opportunities and challenges in times of economic pressure and the top product innovations of 2023, among many other topics.  

Apart from the main online event, local on-site events of Digitalize and Automate 2023 will be held in: 

September 12 
September 13
September 19
September 19

ABIT Puresoft, the only official Efecte partner in Romania, is proud to support one of the top 5 Service Management events in Europe. As more and more Romanian companies start taking steps towards digital transformation, we invite everyone interested in learning more about AI’s role in the future of work to attend Digitalize and Automate 2023. 

Last year’s event focused on how digitalization and automation can help organizations operate more efficiently and achieve their growth targets. More than 3000 participants from 35 countries across Europe, including 800+ students attended. Those in attendance walked away empowered, equipped with fresh perspectives and valuable connections.

Embrace the possibilities that lie ahead. Seize your chance to be a part of Efecte’s Digitalize and Automate 2023!

Digitalize and Automate 2023


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