Creating value with the power of tech partnerships


IT service providers must adapt to a rapidly changing business environment while striving to improve service, as the pressure to deliver market growth and remain competitive increases. Strategic IT partnerships have become even more important as the digital era is progressing. Discovering the ideal company to collaborate with is the first step in every successful cooperation. At the very least, an IT partner should be able to satisfy an organisation’s needs, assure optimal IT performance for customers, and address any developing difficulties head on.

At ABIT Puresoft we believe that partnerships between companies, whether they are from different parts of the world or different ends of the supply chain, are a fact of life in business today. We are pleased to present one of our trusted partners, Scarce, a partnership that brings together deep skills in business and technology strategy, product, technology development and deployment, and organisational change management to help support clients through successful transformations.

Scarce is a UK based ServiceNow premier services and sales partner and professional services provider to new and existing customers of the ServiceNow platform. Like us, they believe that their strategic delivery partnerships, as well as their remote ServiceNow setup and support skills, ensure that clients worldwide have the most cost-effective, frictionless, and efficient ServiceNow experience possible.

Bringing our strengths together to serve you better

Routine tasks can be completed quickly, and complicated projects can run smoothly with the help of ServiceNow. Businesses can now operate seamlessly across teams, silos, and systems with ease. ABIT Puresoft and Scarce have partnered to help UK customers accelerate their digital transformation at scale and speed. By working together, we speed up work, simplify customer service and strengthen business processes, paving the way for digital transformation.

Our business partnership with Scarce has grown over time, based on trust, execution, creativity, and a commitment to delivering high-quality projects. Together we have delivered several ServiceNow implementation and development projects to UK companies spanning several industries. Our approach follows an Agile implementation technique known as the ServiceNow Adaptive Implementation Framework (SAIF). Through this framework, we ensure that every project is completed to optimal quality and at the earliest opportunity, with the most value delivered early in the project.

Partnerships mean working together effectively

In partnership with Scarce, ABIT Puresoft delivers support and project services to a section of the UK government responsible for ensuring the nation’s goals for secure, affordable and sustainable electricity. Clients of this service benefit from a fully integrated support function which we embed into their existing ServiceNow Incident Management process, enabling their employees to raise and assign incidents and requests effortlessly through their own instance for our fully remote ServiceNow service desk to resolve or fulfil.

On long-term engagements such as this, partners like Scarce play a pivotal role. Working as a combined team, we continuously develop best practices and proven methodologies for ServiceNow implementation projects.

“By partnering with ABIT Puresoft, we are able to provide a full spectrum of ServiceNow services and expertise to a much wider range of clients than previously achievable.  ABIT brings a wealth of both ServiceNow technical expertise and industry knowledge, allowing us to leverage and apply best practice for all our clients. It’s investment in quality people enables us to scale quickly without impacting quality.  Our fully remote delivery model is incredibly effective, productive, collaborative, and interactive, achieving greater client participation levels than those often witnessed with on-site resources.  Using the ServiceNow platform to deliver platform improvements emphasises our belief in its strength and enables Scarce to deliver UK ServiceNow projects speedily, effectively and affordably to our clients.”

Mike Heywood, CEO of Scarce

In another Scarce partnership we are working in conjunction with ServiceNow to deliver CSM to a leading UK public research university (and a top ten university worldwide). The new service will enable their customer service agents to access a full history of logged customer interactions.  Through a reimplementation of ITSM, we are also helping the client create a centralised hub of incident data, allowing enhanced reporting and analytics.

We are excited to partner with Scarce on many upcoming projects. Together we continue to learn how each industry has different dynamics and needs for how to leverage technology investments to improve customer experience.  Our shared experiences in delivering a consistent and superior product and transformation experience to new and existing customers will be the driving force of our future successes.


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