ABIT Puresoft assists our customer in delivering a variety of services that we all rely on in the automatization journey.

INDUSTRY: Manufacturing
LOCATION: Globally
SIZE: 3.500 employees 

ServiceNow Manufacturing, IT Productivity

New end user experience for 3.500 employees

Automatization of business processes

Better visibility of IT service issues and available solutions

Ongoing process of improvement

IT service providers face a rapidly evolving business environment while also being forced to improve as the push to deliver market growth and stay competitive intensifies. Thus, ABIT Puresoft has partnered with SCC to assist our ServiceNow customer in delivering a variety of services that we all rely on in the automatization journey.

One of our joint clients is a global market leader in mission-critical flow control and instrumentation for the automotive actuation and flow control industries. Oil and gas, water and wastewater, electricity, chemical processes, and industrial applications are among them. Their customers expect creative, high-quality, and dependable solutions. The customer needed to consolidate its IT processes around the organization as a rapidly expanding manufacturing business.

The company was using several out-of-date tools, which hampered communication, activities, and approval processes. The customer needed to improve in the areas of incident management, change management, and request fulfillment. Harmonizing and consolidating processes necessitated the use of a professional-level system with a more comprehensive suite of services. Following a thorough review of ITSM solutions, the company selected the ServiceNow platform and SCC and ABIT Puresoft as the implementation providers.

With ABIT Puresoft’s development and implementation of the out-of-the-box ServiceNow ITSM platform, the world's leading valve actuation and flow control company gains flexibility to introduce new services faster and equip business users for productivity.

The client’s existing service management tool was unable to support mobility, interoperability, or other digital requirements. While the cloud based ServiceNow was chosen as a replacement ITSM platform, its implementation was riddled with complications. The data quality was poor due to the client’s previous legacy SysAid Helpdesk & Service Desk, which operated multiple different user systems and interfaces.


ABIT Puresoft enabled a very rapid and cost-effective solution using an Agile approach, allowing the customer to bring the power of ServiceNow through the ITSM suite. To offer more precision and to deliver a solution faster, our team prepared three phases for the implementation. Drawing on its service management expertise, ABIT Puresoft executed the highly complex project starting with:

  • Self-Service Portal
  • Incident Management
  • Problem Management
  • Service Request Management
  • Reporting & Dashboards

All the following modules were implemented according to the intended plan, and ABIT Puresoft responded quickly and constructively to all of customer's recommended changes and/or adjustments.

For the second phase, the below modules from the ServiceNow ITSM suite were implemented, as optimized processes already simplified business processes for our global client:

  • Major Incident Management
  • Customer Service Satisfaction Surveys
  • Service Level Agreement (SLA) Management
  • Knowledge Management

Moving forward with its ServiceNow journey, our customer was eager to ensure they were following best practices going forward and wanted to be well-positioned for starting a CMDB implementation in the third phase.

The CMDB implementation phase included:

  • The design of the data model
  • The standardization and clean-up of data sources
  • The implementation of automatic tools for the assessment of the IT infrastructure components distribution
  • The Configuration Management process data review maintenance
  • The production start-up

Planning for this implementation included an in-depth analysis of processes from previous systems to determine which should be migrated to ServiceNow, selecting additional tools and services for the initial implementation, and devising a training strategy to get employees up to speed on the new software. ServiceNow, as a SaaS service, also required help preparing the transition from on-premises systems to a cloud-based solution. Besides, ABIT Puresoft completed integrations of solutions to ensure efficient processes. Additional integrations included: Azure DevOps integration, LeanIX integration and Microsoft Configuration Manager (SCCM).

All in all, our customer can now benefit from the engagement with ServiceNow that creates a global standard, capable of accommodating further features and greater scale. It enables all business departments to remove misunderstandings and down-time. For users, it establishes consistent, dynamic support functionality, making it is easier to self-serve, as information is more relevant and easier to find. Further on, they are more open to improvements and the benefits that automation has brought along this journey.


The end customer, as a multinational corporation, was using their legacy ticketing system, which had become inefficient over time. When it came to planning, managing, and coordinating the resolution of IT service issues, this was inconvenient. As a result, the end customer made the decision to migrate to ServiceNow and sought a partner with extensive ServiceNow installation experience to design and configure the platform. One of the most important objectives was to align the system with the end Customer’s business operations to implement service transition and operation processes and maintain IT service consistency across departments.


ITSM Implementation (out-of-the-box)


Using an Agile approach, ABIT Puresoft allowed a very quick and cost-effective solution, allowing the customer to use the potential of ServiceNow’s ITSM suite.

Drawing on its service management expertise, ABIT Puresoft delivered the project by implementing Self-Service Portal, Incident Management, Problem Management, Service Request Management, Reporting & Dashboards.

Following the implementations in the first stage, ABIT Puresoft optimized the business processes even more with the help of other modules from the ITSM Suite.

As part of its ServiceNow journey, our customer wanted to make sure they were following best practices and that they were well-prepared to begin a CMDB implementation.