ABIT Puresoft developed a method to automate the approval of Job Descriptions by delivering them directly to HR and Works Council representatives.

INDUSTRY: Manufacturing
LOCATION: Globally
SIZE: 20,000 employees 

HR Job Description

Replaced manual processes for approvals

Created a user-friendly system for the HR Team

Automated daily operations to align with national regulations

Offered a centralized data base

One of the largest suppliers of food processing technologies and associated industries is our German customer. The multinational corporation focuses on machinery, plants, process technology, and components. The company plays a significant role in helping clients produce effectively and sustainably as a worldwide processing solutions provider across several industries.

With an offering that comprises process technology, solutions, and services for the food, beverage, chemical, pharma, dairy processing, dairy farming, and maritime industries, the business is active in a range of demanding industries. Managers in charge of all units have direct responsibility. The divisional structure encourages entrepreneurial behavior, which is one of their core values, as well as internal and external transparency, which is also required by the German Works Council. The Works Council was established to ensure that both employee and employer views are heard, and to allow for a fair and acceptable exchange of conversation among and between workers and management, as well as the successful conduct of business.

Our client needed a new custom application that would support the creation of Job Descriptions in a ServiceNow Table, as their old system was not agreed upon anymore by the German state and the licenses were very soon about to expire. The pressure from the Works Council on our customer posed a considerable obstacle. The German government had to ensure that several critical workplace decisions were not made just by the employer, but also included representatives from the workforce.

ABIT Puresoft tailored a solution to create a process for sending Job Description directly to the HR and Works Council representatives to be approved. After the approval stage, the Job Description is now automatically published in the custom application, eliminating the bureaucracy and potential missing information. Reaching out to actual users of the system to earn their cooperation and involvement became a habit for our developers. This kind of attention to detail, open communication, and adherence to best practices were critical to the project's success.

Another key addition to this project was the ability to create more versions for the same Job Description, meaning that now they can simply update a past Job Description and send it directly to approval, rather than to start from scratch with a new one. Through this feature, the client’s HR department is now able to communicate new requirements or updates proactively and thoughtfully to the Works Council, which is in the huge benefit of all the employees.

In consequence, after the successful implementation, our customer’s team was able to route virtually all requests through ServiceNow Job Descriptions Custom Application, giving HR managers a new level of insight into operations. Managers are now able to pinpoint updates faster and more efficiently having created a more intuitive and user-friendly interface for the application. As well as that, not only does this lower the volume of uncompleted Job Descriptions managed by the human resource team, but it increases employee satisfaction by having them more easily approved by the Council.

The new application has greatly improved perception of the HR function within the global organization and enabled the team to build a reputation as a trusted resource. The HR team can also prioritise tasks properly, enabling team members to focus on strategic objectives such as increasing employee satisfaction and align with the regulations imposed by the state.


ServiceNow Custom Application has helped transform piecemeal HR operations into unified, globally consistent, efficient processes with fast, easy access to Job Description information. The national bureaucracy has been a challenge during the implementation of the project, as many aspects had to be taken into consideration.

Besides, the short period of time available for data harvesting meant that our team had to work very efficiently to deliver an application to fit all the requirements of the customer. This was due to the large number of employees that added complexity to HR processes and underlying infrastructure could not keep pace.


Job Descriptions Custom Application


ABIT Puresoft developed a method to automate the approval of Job Descriptions by delivering them directly to HR and Works Council representatives. The Job Description is now automatically published in the custom application after it has been approved, removing the bureaucracy and the risk of missing information.

Our customer’s team was able to route practically all queries through ServiceNow Custom Application after the successful implementation, offering HR managers a new level of insight into operations.


“The fact and figures presented by ABIT Puresoft in the completion of this project was truly commendable and we come back with such positive feedback for their dedicated team, as they were very patient, accommodating and understanding with all our requests.”

IT Cross Functional Services Owner