Through “Capace cu suflet” program Recycled Plastic Caps can save lives

Recycled Plastic Caps

Plastic Caps – have you ever thought that these small and insignificant objects, can give hope and improve people’s lives? For some of us, these caps can be worthless but for others, people facing financial and various challenges, can simply bring a smile on their faces.

Thanks to “Capace cu suflet”, ABIT Puresoft has engaged in this GREEN project by collecting caps from PET bottles, milk bottles, yogurt, detergents etc. The concept behind this positive action consists of two simple and fundamental principles:  the environmental protection and the care for others. While all plastic caps collected are recycled, the money raised from recycling are donated to people in need or invested in social responsibility projects for poor children, sick people and elderly.

Our staff is collecting and gathering plastic caps and sends them to “Capace cu suflet” who will sell to a selective waste collection company. The amount received will be doubled and all the money raised will be donated to various humanitarian causes.

ABIT Puresoft is dedicated to social causes and is always looking forward to making a positive donation through donations or direct involvement in community projects.


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