All you need to know about ServiceNow Utah release

ServiceNow Utah

Twice a year, ServiceNow releases a new version with the goal of enhancing the efficiency of the platform. ServiceNow Utah version will be released, and it comes with a lot of new features and capabilities.

At ABIT Puresoft, we are excited about the new Utah release, and we are looking forward to helping customers leverage its new features. Therefore, in this article we summarized all you need to know about the new modules, applications, and enhancements.

1. IT Service Management

Digital Portfolio Management Enhancements: ServiceNow Utah release enhanced this feature which now offers a simplified interface for managing your digital portfolio, which includes the ability to map popular KPI groups to your portfolio. This helps you gain a better understanding of your portfolio’s performance and make informed decisions about resource allocation and investment. Additionally, this feature integrates DevOps flow metrics into your portfolio management, providing operational insight and helping you make business-critical decisions.

2. IT Asset Management

Software Asset Management

This feature provides insights into underutilized ServiceNow Software Asset Management (SAM) capabilities and helps organizations to create, assign, and track new tasks through completion using the Software Asset Workspace.

This feature provides a single calendar view of all software contracts and entitlements that are up for renewal or set to expire.

Hardware Asset Management

This feature helps manage asset procurement activities from a single workspace, allowing for monitoring of critical tasks and faster delivery of services.

Streamline asset donations to charitable organizations in Hardware Asset Workspace with a complete workflow​ to request, approve, plan, schedule, and properly prepare assets by adding tasks to donation orders​.

Enterprise Asset Management

This feature improves asset reliability by analyzing work order history and trends to inform future allocation and purchasing decisions.

Helps extend the life of physical equipment by automating regular maintenance schedules, which can reduce downtime and repair costs.

Automates the process of retiring and reclaiming enterprise assets when employees transition or leave the organization. By determining which assets can be redeployed, repaired, retired, disposed, or returned to inventory, this feature helps ensure that assets are being utilized effectively and efficiently.

3. Customer Service Management

Install base foundation: This feature allows you to support complex product installations by linking product models, add-ons, and services sold to customers with the specifications of individual items purchased and provisioned for an account or installed at a customer location.

Service Definitions: This feature enables admins to present customers with a list of relevant services based on the products they own. By defining service offerings based on specific products or product families, you can offer targeted support and services to your customers, increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

4. Governance, Risk, and Compliance (Integrated Risk Management)

Operational Resilience Workspace enhancements: Visualize relationships by applying context to data and assets impacting enterprise wide operational resilience​. Increase productivity and simplify navigation with a modern design and configurable workspace.

5. Field Service Management


Task Bundling: This feature allows dispatchers to group similar work order tasks into a single trip, improving dispatcher efficiency and reducing travel costs and time.

Intra-day Schedule Automation: This feature enables dispatchers to automatically reschedule work in response to real-time field updates, eliminating guesswork and reducing manual effort. This helps ensure schedule gaps are closed and reschedules meet contractual obligations while keeping technicians and customers informed of changes.

Equipment Scheduling: This feature supports more granular scheduling needs, including specialized equipment, and speeds up time to completion by reducing delays caused by waiting for equipment. By tracking equipment availability and scheduling it for use when needed, you can ensure that your technicians have the resources they need to complete the job on time.

6. App Engine Studio

Restrict App Creation: This feature enhances governance by allowing administrators to restrict member users from creating new applications from scratch or from templates. This helps ensure that only authorized users can create and edit applications in App Engine Studio. It also allows users to edit only the applications they have been given access to, improving security and compliance.

Usage Dashboard Enhancements: This feature provides a complete view of spoke usage and license compliance, allowing users to understand adoption as a proxy for business value. With this feature, users can view transactions by top spokes, custom spokes, and licensed/unlicensed transactions for compliance purposes.

7. Now Platform

Theme Builder: This feature allows users to easily create and manage branded themes, preview them before sending them to production, and fine-tune them to meet specific branding needs.

AI Search: Make it easy for service delivery teams to find the information they need to solve issues fast. Enable enhanced relevancy and a unified search experience​ with advanced search features such as auto-complete suggestions, typo handling, and exact match.

Now Intelligence: This feature provides advanced analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities to the Now Platform.

Process Optimization expansion: Provides in-depth analysis of processes to improve business outcomes.

ServiceNow Utah release upgrade benefits

Upgrading to the ServiceNow Utah release can help organizations optimize their business operations and improve user experiences. ABIT Puresoft is happy to provide resources and support to help with the upgrade process, including documentation, training, and testing tools.

ServiceNow Utah release.

ServiceNow Utah

ServiceNow Utah


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