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Company culture

Here at ABIT Puresoft we recognize that a clearly defined and communicated strategy and culture are essential to our success. Strategy is where we want to go, and culture is how we will get there. When employees don’t know where the business wants to go and how it plans to get there, it becomes harder for them to make a positive contribution.

There are some who argue that maintaining an effective culture is more important than strategy or, in the words of Peter Drucker, “culture eats strategy for breakfast”. And this is because strategies and processes may change, but the underlying vision and guiding values should remain the same.

Like all great companies, we want to hire the best people with a shared interest in success and to protect the company culture. Everyone at ABIT Puresoft values integrity, collaboration and respect, and everything that we do is shaped by the four pillars of our culture:

  • Adaptability – attain awesome achievements ascertaining and accepting alternatives
  • Brilliance – big, beautiful brains boost business
  • Innovation – incorporating ingenious ideas inevitably induces improvement
  • Transparency – truthfully transmitting tidings to teammates

These are not just four words that we chose to match with the company name, they are values we live by every day. These attitudes and behaviors are evident in the way we interact with each other and in our decision-making process. And we go out of our way to communicate them to new hires so that they know in advance if ABIT Puresoft is the company for them.

ABIT Puresoft four pillars of culture:

Adaptability means focusing on the results, rather than the process. It’s about learning on the go, never getting stuck on the plan if things turn out differently. It is also about accepting alternative solutions that might not have occurred to you. Listening and learning from your colleagues is highly valued. Being adaptable also means changing the way you communicate depending on who you work with, because different people respond to different things.

Brilliance is the ability to make connections and contribute effectively to the business. It means taking smart risks when it’s in the best interest of ABIT Puresoft and thinking in terms of the bigger picture, not short-term goals. We want people that are not afraid to question to status quo and who always look for ways to boost business.

Innovation is coming up with new ideas and better approaches. It means to thrive on change, because “this is how things are done” never helped anyone move forward. Keeping an open mind inevitably leads to great things. We always seek to improve what we are doing and to find solutions for challenging problems.

Transparency means providing timely, honest and concise feedback to teammates. We encourage everyone to voice their displeasure with a specific issue, or to give positive feedback for a job well done. We believe that open and respectful communication is essential to a work environment in which everyone achieves their full potential.

To conclude, we want everyone who joins us to feel like they have a stake in the business and that their work matters. We support collaboration and information sharing and encourage honest feedback. This is what makes ABIT Puresoft a great company and enables us to pursue ambitious common goals.

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