ABIT Puresoft became Santa Claus for one day

ABIT Puresoft became Santa Claus

As the end of the year approaches, so does Christmas. It’s that time of the year when people think about family time, gifts, good food and joy. We all know Santa Claus is busy during this time of the year, and we at ABIT Puresoft think about the less fortunate children during the Holiday Season, so we decided to collaborate with “Fii Mos Craciun pentru o zi” Association to make their lives a little brighter this Christmas..

Unfortunately, rural families have less access to opportunities and education. Many parents found it impossible to provide their children with the essential necessities such as clothing, food and school supplies. As a result, we are proud that our mutual efforts brought a big smile to the faces of over 600 children from Nana, Sărulești, Roseti, Lehliu, Vărăști, Gostinari, Gaujani, Pietroșani and Lunca communes, where poverty has left deep scars on people’s lifestyles. “Fii Mos Craciun pentru o zi” Association took care of Santa Claus’s special delivery, and the children received winter clothes, school supplies, traditional Christmas sweets and of course, a lot of toys. We are happy that we were able make to their Christmas a little more magical.

ABIT Puresoft's mission

As an innovative software company, is ABIT Puresoft’s responsability to make a positive impact in the society. Through our kind actions we wish to promote growth, education and inspire other people to do good whenever they have the chance.

We would like to thank every team member who contributed to the cause, as well as “Fii Mos Craciun pentru o zi” Association for their initiative to make a meaningful impact on children’s lives.


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